Steve Almaas – Ear to the Ground’s 7 Questions

Steve Almaas is cool.  He is in the Minneapolis band Suicide Commandos.  Worked with Richard Barone with The Bongos – made a killer solo EP – Beat Rodeo which was produced by Barone, Almaas and Mitch Easter at Easter Chapel Hill studio – visual vinyl evidence above.  Then he formed a band which was named for the EP.  Beat Rodeo produced two albums for IRS Records.

Below is a new track called Your Life to Live via Soundcloud. Your Life To Live by Steve Almaas

Recently Steve Almaas sat down with Ear to the Ground* to help us launch a new feature called Ear to Ground’s 7 Questions.  

1. What is the first music you can consciously remember hearing?

Jud is dead from the movie Oklahoma. Scared the piss out of me…

2. What was the first music that really caught your attention (if different than 1.)?

Beatles on Ed Sullivan

3. When did you first begin playing music?

Piano lessons from my mom in 2nd grade.

4. Biggest thrill as a musician?

Many thrills, but one big one was playing a show with Townes Van Zandt in Berlin and then hanging out with him for the next few days.

5. What music is currently at the top of your play list?

The new Nick Lowe album. He’s no dinky do….

6. Any music you like which might be a surprise to the casual observer? 

I have an inexplicable fondness for Lambada… 

7. If you could see any band or artist live at any point in their career, who and at what point would you want to see?

I would love to have been a fly on the wall when Louis Armstrong cut Blue Yodel #9 with Jimmie Rodgers

*Disclaimer: Although technically speaking Mr. Almaas did not sit down WITH Ear to the Ground, we were in fact sitting when we typed the questions and one can assume that there is a reasonable chance he was sitting down when he answered the questions. So there.

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