Band of the Week: Year 2: Month 4: Week:3 – Calicocat

In all the excitement being generated from the collective sofas of the world via Couch by Couchwest, you might think I would forget about my weekly (go figure) Band of the Week feature, but No.  Not only have I decided upon a Band of the Week, but it’s a Nashville band.  For a Nashville-based music blog this doesn’t happen very often.  Calicocat are deserving of the honor.  Calicocat is Matt Robinson, Nelson Christopher and Coley (no last name given on the Bandcamp or Facebook Page.  

The music is fresh indie sounds of the here and now with a sugary coating of 60s pop and a half a dozen or more diverse influences. The thing is, to me, it seems like this band really knows their stuff, and that they have a genuine love of the music.  Mostly, Calicocat are a lot of fun.

Well – to it.  Here’s a widget with their latest album for your listening pleasure.

And here is an earlier EP which you can download for free: And finally here is the absolute latest and a peek into the band’s next album which is coming soon.

Guess what I’ve already  said finally and I have one more goody to offer up cause it’s Friday night and the rules are out the window…. Calicocat are also on Soundcloud and here is a track called Tome of Love which is so fresh it’s still dripping:

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