Couch By Couch West – A Wrap Up

UPDATE:  Fixed the Video links for The End Men and The Dead Exs.

First of all – for a definitive wrap up of Couch by Couch West go read what Popa has to say. (link)

This is just my two cents on the matter before we move on.
First of all great performances were legion with big name guests and with bands we’ve featured here at Ear to the Ground making an excellent showing.
The End Men kicked off the who show with Run Away and were named Most Rocking by the CXCW staff. Take a look and I’m sure you will agree with the decision: 

The Dead Exs turned in a rollicking number that got them named as Honorable Mention of Most Rocking… Here is All Over You going into Nolita Stomp:

Those Mockingbirds did their song The Bloodiest Gums from a Men’s Room in New Jersey.  Adam Bird sat on the floor of a men’s room, in New Jersey and just got runner-up for Sketchiest Locale. Head to CXCW to see the video that won.
David Pattillo of The Dead Exs was having so much fun at Couch by Couch West, he came back and did a solo number called Let the Natives Loose  which will be on The Dead Exs’ second album!
The incomparable Jonny Corndawg was a shoe-in for the Best Locale.  Check out this video:
Nikki Sue and the Bad News did a fun version of Bridge by the River.
Will Kimbrough didn’t let a little thing like the Atlantic Ocean stop him from sending in a performance of a new song called Home Economics :
Don Ryan is so hip he not only skips South by Southwest , but arrives too late for Couch by Couch West, but he still put up a couple of stellar clips.  The Official unentered entry of The Viral Thought from Tangle Town was followed up yesterday by an “outtake” – a new song called Desiree:

I could go on and on, but you’ll have to visit the Couch by Couch West website to see more… I do have one more but I will get to that soon….

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