Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – Stumble Mix

Mid-week and it all goes by too slow and too fast at times and here we go….
SONG #1: Okkervil River – Wake and Be Fine from I Am Very Far
The Austin, Texas based band with a song from last spring’s album. 
Someone said to me, “I’ll come into your dream and speak it to you.” I already knew. I found her in the attic where, dramatically, she leaned into me, and she whispered these lines: “Wake and be fine. You’ve still got time to wake and be fine.”
(I Am Very Far by Okkervil River – Amazon)

(Wake and Be Fine via Youtube)
SONG #2:  Ubiquity Machine  –  A Beautiful Girl 

Our good friends Ubiquity Machine with their stellar track, A Beautiful Girl

“God gave me knowledge to open up my mind, but the devil gave me loneliness so I’d leave it all behind.”

(A Beautiful Girl via Soundcloud)
SONG #3: Joe Jackson – Look Sharp! (Title track to album of the same name)*
*redundancy intended… 😛
A legendary performer, a classic album, a great song!  
Okay, what you say
Tell me what they’re wearing this year
Go on and laugh at me cause you don’t see
That I got something going right here
Say I’m just a dreamer
Say I’m just a kid
Well ace, shut your face
Maybe you will see or hear 
(Look Sharp! by Joe Jackson – Amazon – Dig those shoes!)
(Look Sharp! live via Youtube)
I’m in love with the girl who works at the store
where I’m nothing but a …

(Customer live via Youtube)

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Okkervil River - Wake And Be Fine b/w Weave Room Blues - MP3 Download Okkervil River – Wake And Be Fine b/w Weave Room Blues – MP3 Download
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Joe Jackson: Steppin' Out - The Videos - The Very Best of Joe Jackson Joe Jackson: Steppin’ Out – The Videos – The Very Best of Joe Jackson
Pop star Joe Jackson has perfected a polished sound that alternates between ska, swing, cabaret, and straightforward pop. STEPPIN’ OUT is a compilation of Jackson’s music videos and concert performances. All digitally remastered, the videos for Jackson hits including Is She Really Going Out With Him?, Steppin’ Out, and I’m the Man. The two live performances included were filmed in 1986 at a New York venue.

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