Some random video linkage…

Hey ho!  I’ve been out of pocket today, so no music shuffle, but I couldn’t let a day go by without subjecting you… er treating you some music that’s been going through my mind…

First a teaser: one of our earlier Band’s of the Week: Elika are back with a new album that just dropped this month.  I’ve got my grubby little paws on it, and it’s sweet stuff.  A more in-depth discussion is to come, but below is a bit of a tease.

Finn Bonel is a singer-songwriter from South London.  More on his music to come. Here is a video of his called Wedding Song.

The Mobbs were the first annual Band of The Year at Ear to the Ground.  They are planning a U.S. tour for the fall – so stay tuned to this space for more later.  Here is the official video for Jolly Good!  Jolly Good, indeed!

Off topicish, but we’ve lost a couple of greats this week.  Here’s a video of a recitation of Adrienne Rich’s poem ‘song’.  Adrienne Rich died this week at the age of 82.

Earl Scruggs died yesterday at the age of 88.  A true pioneer and innovator of contemporary bluegrass music, his storied career as placed him beside many great musicians of the past several decades.  His work with Bill Monroe and later Lester Flatt are beyond legendary. Here is a selection from Mr. Scruggs…

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