Band of the Week: Year 2, Month 4, Week 5: Finn Bonel

Whenever, I feature a solo artist as my “Band of the Week”, I feel compelled to explain that I named  the Band of Week segment and decided early on that it would encompass any performing artist or collective and not just bands.

Okay, with that disclaimer out of the way…

Finn Bonel is from South London.  His music is influenced by a number of different sounds from British soul to American folk.  There is, I perceive a bit of the troubadour in Finn Bonel. Strong songwriting, a great and unique voice and a bit of the story-teller (which every great troubadour needs) – all of this and it’s the songs which stuck with me, and kept me coming back for more, and finally convinced me to name Finn Bonel as Band of the Week.

For me, music is about emotions and memories and feelings and truth.  I can’t always eloquently explain why I like a certain song, singer or band, but I can tell you about the feelings the music evokes.  Simplicity and a voice that reaches inside and tugs at your heart and draws the listener into the 3:00 or so story-song.  Rustic is a word used on his website, and while one would not expect such a description to fit a singer from London – damned if it doesn’t.  Go check him out!

Here’s a peak into what I like about Finn Bonel – the official video for Love’s the Only Thing:

Like it?  It can be yours for a pittance* at Amazon:

*assuming that is that a pittance is .89USD or .69GBP.

He’s on Facebook and Twitter and Soundcloud and others which you can link to from his homepage.

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