Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – Que Sera Sera Mix

Chasing rabbits down the rabbit hole
Dreaming of birds
A melody crashes
The mind reels
A journey which never ends
A time out of context
Rivers running backward
A mountain falling silently into the roiling sea.
Challenge (no challenge)
Lost the sense of what is real
And what is not real
Does it matter?
Did it ever?
Ah – musings of a Tuesday with rising temperatures and gathering clouds….
Record Store Day is just over two weeks away.  Support your local record store whether you are a vinyl junkie or not.  I’ll be holding court down at Grimey’s.  Jeff the Brotherhood have been announced as a musical guest with more acts to follow.
Due to some technical issues, only two tracks on the shuffle (Que sera sera) and a bonus track for your listening pleasure:
40 East by Avett Brothers from Four Thieves Gone reminds me of the treks from my hometown/college town to the city (Nashville) for shows at the Cannery, Vanderbilt, War Memorial and Cat’s Records  and to shop at Discount Records and Cat’s Records… And those late night/early morning trips back to our lives which seemed endless but which are now lost to the vagrancies of time.
Top 5 Band of the Year finalist, Taco Land are up next with a track called Can You Hear Me? from his fabulous Heart of Texas release.  
 (a video of another Taco Land track – Wonderful Rain)
Bonus track time:  Danny Brown is a Detroit-based rapper.  His 2011 album XXX just got the deluxe treatment – the deluxe version was released in March of this year.  
He has a brand new song, Grown Up which you can grab for free over the Stereogum .

Affiliated Links:

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