The Envelope Please…

They’re a garage band… the come from Northbrook, Illinois. 

Congratulations to Northbrook Garage. They are our Band of the Month for March 2012.

The kids from the suburbs of Chicago, who make amazingly mature music and bring the soul when they have to, brought the votes.  But, hey Northbrook Garage are already old hands at winning…  Here they are doing an Amy Winehouse cover at Ardent Studios in Memphis.  They won the opportunity to record at the legendary studio.

In honor of their latest victory, we are offering their song So What for the bargain price of $0.99 at Amazon* just click on the album cover below.

*Okay fine, .99 is the normal price, but it’s less than a dollar and it’s a great song, so go download it now!
Congratulation to Northbrook Garage

One thought on “The Envelope Please…

  1. congratulation !
    you guys deserve the award.

    i read some forums about you i thought all of you are adult, i was pretty amaze that your all teens.i love the song and nice melody. i can only say “the sound of Northbrook Garage is unexpectedly unique”



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