Band of the Week: Year 2, Month 5, Week 1ish – The Disappointment

Okay Okay Band of the Week is back after a week off, and we have a surprise – we felt so bad about not having a Band of the Week that we are going to have two this week.  

Our good friends, and previous Band of the Month runners-up The End Men, turned us on to two bands a while back.  The first was The Gypsy West who ended up being our Band of the Month for February.  Now, we present for your listening pleasure The Disappointment.

The Disappointment are from Brooklyn. The make music for the new depression.  Here is how they describe themselves:

the shockingly unique and poetic story of four white males, with beards, living in brooklyn, who like a modern take on rocknroll, blues, and soul music. big surprise. tell your friends.

Here is Technically 17 a demo single. These audacious kids… They done went and made an EP of John Lennon songs called the Plastic Ono EP.  It’s available from Bandcamp also for free.’ll avoid the way too obvious The Disappointment will not disappoint (oops).  Sarcasm and bluesy soulful rock and roll are not an obvious match.  I just mean that soulful, at least theoretically, denotes a level of straight-forwardness… regardless, The Disappointment make it work.  Like The End Men and some of  the other bands coming out of the tri-state area, The Disappointment in spite of their sarcasm play authentic blues-based music which their own style, and they play it well.   

You know the drill go Like, Follow, Stalk or whatever:  I’ll leave you with a live version of Working Class Hero from the aforementioned Plastic Ono EP.

Part two our Band of the Week catch up entry will be on tap tomorrow.

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