Monday Morning Music Shuflle – Gift Horse Mouth Mix

I hope you had a great Record Store Day and got out and supported your local brick and mortar record emporium.  It was a cold, kind of dreary day in Nashville.  Grimey’s New and Pre-loved Music had their annual shin-dig.  I provide a full review of my experience, but suffice it to say everyone seemed to be having a great time.

This year, Ear to the Ground had our own unofficial RSD release in the form of a 14 song compilation available as a free download.  I will be adding the download to the sidebar, but until then, here is the link.

Today’s (Random) Shuffle is from the compilation and includes some of the hardest rocking songs on the compilation. 

 2011 Band of the Year, The Mobbs are represented by the stand out track, Better the Devil You Know from It’s…the Mobbs.

Angry Bird expert, Adam Bird and company, Those Mockingbirds are up next with Coast to Coast – a hard rocking track from the band’s Fa Sol La album.
Brooklyn New York duo, The End Men are up next with the title track off their brilliant EP called Build It Up.  

And finally, December Band of the Month, In Cages are up with Queen Bee   from their debut The Hillsdale EP. Grab the full album here.
We’ll have more on this compilation in the days to come.  Enjoy.  
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