Band of the "Week": Year 2, Month 5, Number 2

Yes, yes, I’ve been neglectful of naming Bands of the, but I hope you’ll forgive me now that you realize I’ve been working on the Volume 1 compilation.

I’ve also been neglectful when it comes to the 2nd Band of the Week for April – Nikki Sue & the Bad News.  They’ve made our shuffle a couple of times (at least once if not twice), and I’ve been really digging the sound. So, let’s right the wrong and get to it.

Nikki Sue & the Bad News are a New Jersey Indie/Alt-Country/Americana band, and man do they bring it.  On their latest release Lower Places, they bring the Twang more-so than on last year’s Anchored. Don’t get me wrong both sets bring the rock and the twang along with Nikki Sue’s unique and wonderful voice.  Anchored is Free from the band’s Bandcamp site. Lower Places is available for you to Name your price.  So grab Anchored for free and then drop a fair price for Lower Places – ‘kay? Here’s Nikki Sue & the Bad News in action (from Couch by Couchwest 2012):

This music to me is like a long, lazy drive down a gravel road on a perfect summer day. Like their fellow, New Jerseyians (ites?)The Amboys Nikki Sue and company are showing us in Nashville what real country is all about. Kudos from Music City to Jersey.

If you are so moved, hit them up on Facebook Twitter and Other Assorted Places

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