Friday Morning Music Shuffle – Lazy Daze Mix

I know, I know – I am so far behind on lots of stuff.  But here is our first and only true Music Shuffle for the week – taken from our final list of April 2012 additions.

1.  The brand new single from Those Mockingbirds is called The Difference Between Love & Addiction.  Do you know the difference?  Here is the band performing the song at the Knitting Factory last year.  You can get the song here.

2.  At 77 years of age, Leonard Cohen has made an album can hold its own alongside his extremely impressive body of work.  Old Ideas finds the man with the gift of the golden voice, sounding a bit like Tom Waits.  Lullaby is simply a beautiful song.

3.   Bird Dog are a Brooklyn based band.  Underneath the Overpass is from the band’s January 2011 EP.  You can grab the EP over at Bandcamp using the widget below.

(a live performance from Bird Dog)
4.  Flower Flower is another fine song from Nashville’s own, The Vespers. It is from the bands brand new The Fourth Wall album.
5. And finally,  20 Million Things is from the 1979 album, Thanks I’ll Eat it Here by Little Feat founder, Lowell George.  For a 33 year old song, it does not sound dated at all.  Lowell George died shortly after the album was released while on tour in support of the album.
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