Band of the Week: Year 2, Month 6, Week 1 – The Joy of Painting

So, let’s get this Band of the Week train back on the tracks…. shall we…

It’s May 2012 and this is still the first week, and so we are on track so far for May.  We won’t mention April which apparently only lasted two weeks…. but what a two weeks.  A Band of the Month post and poll is coming soon… a head to head match-up between Nikki Sue & the Bad News and The Disappointment.  Man that sounds way more depressing than it actually is… which is not at all depressing…

But we are in May and we have Joy!  The Joy of Painting to be exact.  And lo, and behold, we have a Nashville, Tennessee based band.  How odd for this music blog – also based in Nashville, Tennessee – to hit up a band close to our home.  Not unprecedented to be sure… but…. whatever…

The Joy of Painting is five guys – Garreth, Mark, Chris, Kyle and Dave.  The list their genre on Facebook as two-car garage pop.  I like that. More to the point, I like the music this band makes. See, even before Jack White and The Black Keys moved to town there have been a long line of great rock bands. I’m old, so I know it goes back to White Animals, Practical Stylists, The Movement, Raging Fire, Questionnaires, Shadow 15, The Sluggers and that it moved forward to bands like Screaming Cheetah Wheelies, Political Funk (from the ‘boro), Self and on.  I’m not quite old enough to go back before that first group….

My point being, this current rock music scene – JEFF the Brotherhood, PUJOL, Diarrhea Planet and The Joy of Painting is not a new development, but it is an exciting new chapter in an on-going narrative.

Blah, Blah, Blah — Joe, enough of your jibber-jabber.  Give us some music.  Okay – 

The Joy of Painting are on Facebook and Twitter so go like and follow and what-not.

So yeah – that is The Joy of Painting.  Now – Go get the band’s latest release Asterisk *

(On Amazon)

or… give the album a listen and head to the band’s Bandcamp page to purchase.

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