Ghost of John Henry – Sci-Fi Romance Pre-Release Stream

Thanks once again go out to the incredible Popatunes for turning me on to this band.  Sci-Fi Romance are an LA-based Indie Folk, Folk-core, Americana whatever-you-want-to-call-them-just-give-them-a-listen band.  

The band have a new album due out Tuesday (May 8th). The album is called Ghost of John Henry, and it’s a concept album about…well… John Henry – yes that John Henry, the steel driving man.  Now, I have many, many memories of reading, hearing or watching various incarnations of the John Henry legend. It’s well ingrained in my consciousness. So, I have to say, the idea of a concept album based upon the story seemed like a daunting endeavor. Now that I’ve had the opportunity to hear the album, I can report that Sci-Fi Romance have pulled it off in a most spectacular way.  

This is modern folk music in it’s purest and most hauntingly beautiful form.  It is also incredible relevant to the world we are living in.  

Guest-writing on Popatunes, Matthew Warburton of Screaming at a Wall said this: 

By the album’s conclusion, there’s a bitter-sweet sense of a story that has reached it’s end, like a short-lived reunion with someone you hadn’t realized you missed. In addition to the cathartic nature of the work as a whole, each track is an individual accomplishment worthy of praise. If you have any sort of ear for indie-folk and you’re looking for something that stands out, Sci-Fi Romance’s “The Ghost of John Henry” will not disappoint. Sci-Fi Romance is the literary man’s indie-folk.

You can read the whole review – here.

John Henry is a powerful story and although, it has been years since I’ve heard it or thought about it, Ghost of John Henry brought me deeper into the heart of the story than I’ve ever been.  In the world where Corporations are considered people, John Henry is an affirmation of the value and heart of true humanity.

Now, though, you do not have to take my word for it.  You can stream the whole album right now.

Now that you’ve heard it, you will probably want to know how you can buy it.  Pre-orders are up and shipping now at the band’s store – HERE.  You can pre-order the download over at iTunes – HERE.

Or if you wait until Tuesday, you can get it at Amazon:

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