Monday Morning Music Shuffle – Back on the Chain Gang Mix

Monday and I find myself back in a familiar routine.  ICYMI – check out my review and listen to a stream of Sci-Fi Romance’s new album, The Ghost of John Henry, which is due out tomorrow.  We’ve also hooked you up with links to pre-order the CD or the download.  GO!

Now, it is Monday and we have our regular morning shuffle.  Still digging into the downloads added in April, tons we haven’t played let so let’s get to it.

1.  Pistols and Radio Signals is the title track from an EP by Nashville-based neo-classical punk band  Dogs of Oz. Grab the EP below and go to Bandcamp to check out the rest of the band’s catalog. This band of teens are the real deal.  According to their page, they are doing some recording with a member of Cage the Elephant which should produce so cool sounds. Lead singer/guitarist Greyson Anderson used to be this quiet kid in my daughter’s pre-school class.  Funny how time slips away.

2.  The Only Place is the title track from the forthcoming Best Coast album.

                  Grab the single here:   

You can “wishlist” the album here:  

 There is nothing unexpected here, but it’s Best Coast and even the expected is pretty darn good.

 3. J’ai Fait Un Reve (I Have a Dream) is another track of the Revolution album by DRUNKSOULS.  The French reggae rock band’s second album is an ambitious collection of great sounding music for  the modern age.  Check out Revolution below.

Video for Human Race by DRUNKSOULS

Affiliated Links:
Vive La Revolution: A Stand-Up History of the French Revolution Vive La Revolution: A Stand-Up History of the French Revolution
“Thank goodness . . . for Mark Steel. Engagingly lighthearted while clearly thorough, the author has taken the events of the French Revolution and given them a human face, as well as neatly poking fun at the over-pomposity with which our recent historians have dealt with the period.”-The Observer “With Vive La Revolution Steel] examines the raw material of 1789, not so much in search of laughs as in an attempt to reclaim the first popular revolution from the dry historians.”-Scotsman “A cross between a history of the French Revolution and a spirited defense of the ideals that inspired it.”-The Independent “Steel expertly guides the reader through the philosophies, protagonists, failures and serious legacy of the events of 1789.”-Guardian Vive la Revolution is an uproariously serious work of history. Brilliantly funny and insightful, it puts individual people back at the center of the story of the French Revolution, telling this remarkable story as it has never been told before. For the Haymarket edition, Steel has added a new preface for North American readers and revised the book to address parallel themes in US history.

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