Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – Wander Lost Mix

Upon this rock
The surface is not level
It slopes sharply downward
It is covered with loose pebbles
The word precarious comes to mind
Neither sure nor secure
Still standing, though, 
Upon this rock
JWM 5/9/2012
First up this morning we have a track from the latest release by recent Band of the Week Calicocat.  Salty Dogs is off of the Soup Du Jour album which was released onto Bandcamp on May 1.  You know, I had Soup Du Jour one time, and I really didn’t care for it, so I haven’t had it since.  The album is good though, so go get it:

This was the most relevant video I could find from a show that Calicocat was on the bill

Next up we have another Nashville band (by way of West Frankfort, Illinois) Ravenhill are an indie band.  We have a track called Monster Eats Pilot from the band’s debut EP Ladies and Gentlemen, I Present To You.

Get the EP on Amazon by clicking below

 Here’s a live performance of a different song by Ravenhill
Next, we dig deeper into Resurrection by our good friends, The Dead Exs.  The song is called Daddy Issues and it is more bluesy rock goodness – 
A different The Dead Exs song live
And finally we have a classic track by the legendary Meat Puppets.  Lost a song which the Minutemen covered many times is off the album II.  It is classic Meat Puppets at their very best.
Affiliated Links:
Meat Puppets Live Meat Puppets Live
Meat Puppets Live

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