Band of the Week – Year 2:Month 6:Week 2 – Sci-Fi Romance

By now – I’m sure – you’ve grabbed your copy of The Ghost of John Henry due to my compelling review and the fact that it is one incredible record.  If not – do it now.
The Ghost Of John Henry on

Now, I want to tell you a little bit more about Sci-Fi Romance . 

Sci-Fi Romance was founded by Vance Kotrla. For sometime he was Sci-Fi Romance, but he has some help now.  Drummer Kurt Bloom and Cellist Jody Stark round out the starkly, darkly beautiful sound that is Sci-Fi Romance.

In 2010, Vance released …and surrender my body to the flames.  A cover of the traditional New Year’s anthem Auld Land Syne followed in December of that year. Just ahead of The Ghost of John Henry the band released an amazing cover of House of the Rising Sun.   You can get all of those releases via the bands Bandcamp page. 

I’m excited to add this band to my formidable list of Bands of the Week.  For an indie band this early in their career, I can’t emphasize how impressive a piece of work, The Ghost of John Henry really is. You will want to get in on the ground floor (so to speak) of this band, and you will want to do that soon because the steam locomotive is leaving the station.


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