Video and Download – Warm Weather – So Far/Vertigo

via: Audible Treats

The Video:

Warm Weather, our favorite LA-based trio of a cappella-infused indie rockers, has released their first official video for the single “So Far/Vertigo” from their latest EP, Looking Through. The comedic video stars the ladies of the Cocoon Central Dance Team clad in workout gear, sprinting along to the music in bursts of synchronized movement as they sport exaggeratedly goofy smiles and play to the camera. You’ll need to catch your breath too as the girls pause, winded, and then cheerfully begin to dance in place to the whimsical lyrics and calculated harmonizing.

“Ry and I put together the ‘So Far’ intro one day when Justin was out of town – quite literally ‘far away from home,'” explains Brendan Lynch-Salamon. “That sentiment of being away or getting away fit right into the concept that ties theDances EP together, and ‘Vertigo’ explores what drives us to go, to change our context.”

Check out the premiere at Buzz Bands LA

Watch the video for “So Far/Vertigo” here:

Download Warm Weather’s “So Far/Vertigo” here:

Critical Praise For Warm Weather:

Artist of the Month (May 2012) – The Deli LA

Best Albums of 2011 (Dances) – I Guess I’m Floating

“Warm Weather is a still-wet-behind-the-ears outfit outta Los Angeles who play kaleidoscopic indie rock replete with vocal harmonies that will have fans of running the spectrum from The Beach Boys to Grizzly Bear snapping their fingers in approval.” – My Old Kentucky Blog

“Warm Weather are exactly what you want them to be – a dancey synth pop LA based band with plenty of boyish charm and heart-crushing soaring harmonies.” – Listen Before You Buy

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