Featured Artist for June – Page Finished + other stuff

At long last, I have completed (sort of) the Page for the Featured Artists for June 2012.  The page is linked on the sidebar to the right or you can just click on the underlined “page” link earlier in this sentence.

Here’s a video from one of our featured artists:  Dean Fields

Here’s another: Shayfer James covering Leonard Cohen

In other news, the May Band of the Month poll is still going on.  South of Ramona have a big lead, but it’s still anyone’s game. The Joy of Painting and Sci-Fi Romance could easily mount a 11th hour charge.  Stay tuned, and more importantly, if you haven’t done so, please vote now.  The poll is located on the left sidebar.  If you need a refresher course on who these bands are – here’s the link to the the poll announcement — (link)

Our friend’s The End Men have completed their late Spring European tour, and they’d love to tell you all about it.  Hit them up on Facebook or on their website.  They are also about to head into the studio to record the follow-up to their amazing EP Build it Up.  Personally, I cannot wait.  If you are anywhere near the NYC area, or if you will be on June the 16th, The End Men will be playing the annual Northside Showcase at the Trash Bar hosted by their friends and ours, The Gypsy West.  Here are the details.

Here are The End Men performing live from this past March:

Finally, a really cool band that I am just now (and belatedly) getting into, Cupla, are taking a stand against Bullying with a new song and video called My Stand.

Here is a presser about the project:

Media Contact: Janet HansenEmail: conbriopr@gmail.comMake a Statement, Take Your Stand With Cupla to Stop Bullies(Nashville, TN – May 30) Bullying is a deadly global issue. It’s a social illness that can be cured and the British Columbia rock band, Cupla, is taking a stand to make it stop. The band is going into the studio the first week of June to work with Grammy-winning producer, Eric Tingstad, to cut their single, “My Stand.” To accompany the single, Cupla is creating a video with messages from people around the world to end the pain of senseless social behavior that has reached epic proportion. Cupla is asking people of all ages everywhere to send in still photos holding a written message to be used in a promotional video supporting, “My Stand.” Let your voice be heard and send photos in jpg format to billy@cupla.ca or bobby@cupla.ca by June 30, 2012. “My Stand” is slated for release this summer, along with the supporting video which will be sent to media outlets worldwide. When people take a stand for love we can put an end to senseless behavior that has devastating consequences, and often deadly outcomes. Add your voice, make a statement and help stop bullies once and for all.

That is all.  Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, and I will see you tomorrow with my Morning Shuffle.

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