Thursday Morning Music Shuffle – Simple Mix

Good morning.  I am still out sick, but I have a burst of energy so I thought I would post a morning shuffle.  I’m actually listening to the shuffle now, so I suppose I will do a live blog of this shuffle… or whatever…

Song #1 – Is called Stairway to the Best Party in the Universe which is on the new album by The Brian Jonestown Massacre.   The album Aufheben and we have linkage below.

Song #2 – Youth is Wasted on the Young is the dreamy pop sound of the Vancouver based Young Galaxy from their brand new album, Shoreless Kid, which was released this past Tuesday.  

Song #3 – Is another track from the classic album, Boylan Heights, by The Connells.  The song today is called Try.
Song #4 – We have If I Went Away, a kind of mellowish and dreamy bit of music from Nashville’s own (and former Band of the Week), Calicocat from their newest release – Soup Du Jour.

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