Featured Artists (July) – Did you know? Part B

Did you know….

…that I do not have any formal training in music blogging?  Unlike like all those other Music bloggers you see on the web, I never went to school to become a music blogger… Interesting isn’t it?

…that I still get excited when a musician likes my posts or friends me or retweets? I’m still pretty star-struck sometimes, and that includes you – cause, you’re a star in my book!

…that featured artist Francis Bowie released a new song yesterday? It’s called It’s hard to see… and we have it here.

…that featured artist The Shake have broken up… best to them for what comes next.’

…that featured artist Vinyl Thief played the Summer Kick-off for Nashville’s best shake and soda food truck – Moovers and Shakers. Cool on so many levels!

…that featured artist Wolf and Cub have two drummers, have been around for about ten years, and are on 4AD Records?  Now you do.

…that featured artist FallsStart posted a new song to their ReverbNation account?  And lo and behold, it is Happy Song which was our first and so far only Ear to the Ground Mystery Song of the Day!

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