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Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – Lucky Guy Mix

Before 1993 I only thought I knew what words like heady and transcendent and halcyon meant. In 1993, I experienced all of those feelings and many more.  It was a wild ride of a year which promised and delivered thrills beyond my wildest expectations.  August 28 of that year – 19 years ago today… well how can I explain that day?  Honestly, what I remember most is the laser sharp sense of purpose and direction, and the unwavering sense of doing what I was supposed to be doing.  It started with errands (vitally important errands), a beautifully simple ceremony, drinks, an awkward announcement, party planning, phone calls, the arrival of friends (who were not as surprised as we thought they should have been) and a blow-out of a party. Our Wedding Day… 19 years ago today…
Our song:

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The shuffle:

The Grimm Generation are friends with The Danbury Lie. The band got into contact with me after I named The Danbury Lie featured artists.  The first thing that struck me was the fact that they were heaping praise on the other band.  So, I checked them out.  And, I listened some more.  I don’t want to say too much because I have a feeling I will be writing much more about this band. Suffice it to say, if you are familiar with The Grimm Generation, now is the time to rectify that situation.  The band’s description as Post-Apocalyptic Pop gives a bit of hint to the passionate, juicy sound of this band. Oh hell, just take a look and listen:
 Our song today is Sometimes I’m Subtle (Sometimes I’m Drunk) from their album The Last Record Party.  Honestly, I’m in serious love with this band right now!


Here is The Grimm Generations’ cover of Great Balls of Fire.

Next, we have a song about April 1, 1984.  I was in my senior year of high school, and Marvin Gaye was just one day shy of his 45th birthday when he was shot and killed during an argument with his father.  Day That Marvin Gaye Died is by the Avett Brothers from their 2004 release Mignonette

Man on Earth is a capital R Rock band from New York.  They’ve been around for a number of years and have played with a number of well-known artists. They released a new video for a song called Venus at the beginning of this month, and are about to embark on a tour which will bring them to Nashville.   The song we have today is an older one called The Great Discontent which we came across on a compilation called vol. 1. from 2005.


Here is the band’s newest video Venus.
The Alabama Shakes released Boys and Girls back in April, and it had proven to be a break-out moment for the boys and girls from Athens, Alabama.  We have  the joyful Hang Loose today. Sounds like good advice.


And finally, we have a song by a jazz saxophonist, composer and band leader Steve Mohacey.  In a small world moment, it turns out that my next door neighbor, who like Mr. Mohacey is a Army band guy, knows Steve Mohacey. Anyway, although we most feature a wide-variety of alternative, Americana indie rock music, we are always on the look-out for all kinds of cool tunes.  Da Boyz is a blisteringly cool jazz number.

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Monday Morning Music Shuffle – Bright Idea Mix

Good morning… we are not ready to jump into another week, but alas, the time is upon us. This week, we wrap up another Band of the Month poll.  There is still time to vote.

//’s get into our shuffle for the day:

We are shuffling up our archival playlist – which features some all time favorite songs.

First up we have Everyday People the first single (Novemeber 1968) from the classic 4th album  by Sly and the Family Stone, Stand! which was released in May 1969.  It’s hard not to groove to this one.



Next up we have True Faith, a 1987 single by the British Band New Order.  The song was one of two new songs recorded for the Substance 1987 Singles collection. Different mixes of this song are featured on various rereleases by the band, but the original track was never released on a regular album, but remains one of the band’s best known songs.


And finally, we have the title track from Mary Gauthier’s 4th studio album.  Mercy Now is a powerful song.  Gauthier was born in New Orleans, lived for a time in the Northeast and now makes her home in Nashville.  She is playing the Americana Music Festival in September.


Meta + Shamelessness = Self-absorbness

Hey y’all.  I don’t ask for much do I? Just show up, read what I have to say, check out the music I write about and if you like the music and are able, support the music.  In the past, I’ve suggested ways to help out Ear to the Ground so that we can continue to bring you great music.  Simple stuff really, like if you shop at Amazon – connect to them through one of our many links and shoot some commissions our way, spread the word to increase site visits etc. And, yeah, I’d still appreciate any of those things.  But, I do have a kind of big favor.  

We are big on Band of the Month/Year polls, and whenever one of our favorite bands in entered in some contest that involves fan voting, we try to steer you there to support the bands. 

Well, Nashville’s long-standing Alternative press newspaper – The Nashville Scene is holding their annual Best of Nashville voting.  I would love it, if you would head over to the Poll and vote for Ear to the Ground as Best Music Blog.  The voting is all write-in. I don’t really expect to win (it would be cool but…) – there are some really popular local music blogs – but I think if I could get some significant votes, it could help raise my profile on a local level. This would, of course, benefit all of the bands I support. See, it’s not all Selfish…. 🙂
NOW: Here’s the catch, you have to vote in 20 categories for your vote to count.  I know right.  So, for those of you not from Nashville, I’ve put together a handy voting guide with some suggestions in other categories. You don’t have to use these suggestions, but you can – I have reasons for supporting each of these.

Music Blog: Ear to the Ground (

Radio Station – Lightning 100

Food Truck – Moovers and Shakers

Local Band – Dogs of Oz or Vinyl Thief or Calicocat or Joy of Painting

Korean Restaurant – Seoul Garden

Dentist – Timothy McNutt

Place to Worship – 2nd Presbyterian Church

Local Twitter Account – @thecroftonshow

Music Writer – Joe Wolfe-Mazeres

Political Blog – Southern Beale

TV News Personality – Neil Orne

Place to buy vinyl – Grimeys

Best Instrumentalist – Victor Wooten

Beer Selection – Flying Saucer

Pediatrician – Tara Huss

Hospital – Vanderbilt Children’s

Elementary School – Crieve Hall

Playground – Lily’s Garden

Veterinarian – Grassmere Animal Hospital

Theatre Group – Tennessee Women’s Theatre Project

 Thanks for whatever you can do to help out…  HERE IS THE LINK TO THE POLL AGAIN


Featured Friday Music Shuffle – Triplight Mix

So and yeah… it is Friday!  That means, it is time for Featured Friday. Over the past three weeks, we’ve highlighted tracks from each of our 10 Featured Artists.  So, we reloaded our playlist with 1 track from each band and shuffled them up.

But, before we get to the shuffle – an update/revision- you can vote for Band of the Month now – HERE!  I had previously stated that the voting would end around midnight on the 31st. However, I am going to revise that until midnight on the 30th.  I may be out of pocket on the 31st, and I have to manually shut down the poll.

Here are the results so far with just under 1 week to go:

1.  Loners Society
2.  Rooftop Runnders -49
3. The Imperial Rooster -58
4. Cupla  -66
5. Cosmonauts -68
6. Pony Boy -70
7-10. SIRS, Traverse the Skies, The Holograms -73

It’s really still anyone’s contest to win.  Remember, you can vote more than once and  be sure to check out all of the Featured Artists (here).

Today we had a couple of longer songs, so just two made it into the shuffle:

Our friend, Galen Wade and his newish band, The Holograms from their Crowbar set are up with a track called Tumble Weed.

Next up, we have the L.A. band Pony Boy with their song Saints and Liars.

 Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers’ Greatest Hits is $3.99 over at Amazon.


Thursday Morning Music Shuffle – Losing Grounds Mix

Well… some bummer news yesterday.  It appears that one of our Featured Artists from July – The Raindoggs are going on indefinite hiatus due to some personnel issues. We will keep you informed, but let’s hope they come back soon with some more amazing music like this:

//, let’s get to the shuffle:

First up, we have a song from the latest album by Damien Jurado.  We recently featured Arkansas from his next to latest release, St. Bartlett.  This time we have Working Titles off of his fabulous Maraqopa.

Next up, we have another artist we ran across over at ReverbNation.  This time it is Buffalo, New York native and current Nashville resident Chris Nathan with some sweet Southern Soul music.  The song came across on my MP3 player as Never Needed Nothing, but when I went back to find it again today, the closest I could find was a song called Nothing ‘Til I Needed You and I wasn’t able to listen to see if it was the same song.  Either way, check out Chris Nathan and see what think.
Here is the latest from Chris Nathan.  This EP does not contain either of the possibly two songs.

And here’s a video for a different song

Next up we have Lookout by Orgone from their album Cali Fever.  Orgone are a Los Angeles based Funk/R&B combo who came to our attention when they played a show with Northbrook Garage around the time they were Band of the Week and then Band of the Month.

And finally, we have Run from the British  band Spiritualized’s debut album, Lazer Guided Melodies which was released in 1992.  



Grab the latest from Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros from Amazon for just $5.00 bucks.


Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – So… yeah… Mix

I hope you enjoyed the premiere of the brand new song from Cosmonauts and our interview with the band… in case you missed it – go here. I heard yesterday and Mike Watt is bring his Missingmen to Nashville in October. The Americana Music Fest is just a few weeks off, Live on the Green is starting soon, and Musician’s Corner should be kicking off their Fall series very soon.  Plus news yesterday that Grimey’s is going to open an extension (Grimey’s Too) which include a cafe, bookstore, more music and possibly an expanded area for events like Record Store Day???  

Okay – let’s dive headlong into this morning’s shuffle.  I bit of a rough morning so I needed some sweet tunes to get me settled into my day, and the shuffle beast did it’s job.

First up we have Band of the Month for May (and our last ever Band of the Week) South of Ramona with The Lonesome Soul off their new Step Inside EP which we reviewed. I am still massively digging the band’s haunting folksy rock sound.

South of Ramona so far have only released videos of covers – here is their version of the Jefferson Airplane song, Somebody to Love

Next up we have Bonnie “Prince” Billy (William Oldham)  – a Louisville, Kentucky native who makes some incredible music which contains elements of punk, folk, Americana and Indie Rock. Today, we have the title track to his 2011 EP, The Mindeater which was a collaboration with the Louisville-based The Phantom Family Halo.

And finally, we continue to reap the fruits of our surfing of the ReverbNation site. Friday Night Music Club are “a handful of song writers who came together on a project and never left.”  Today we have Why?  a tasty bit of laid back folksy flavored goodness which definitely eased my transition into work mode.


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