Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – Off Kilter Mix

Well no doubt about it, the week is in full swing.  Hope everyone is having a good one.  If not, I hope my merry band of tunes will help turn things around or at least brighten your journey just a bit.

My poor brain has been hatching a scheme, and I really want to make it a reality.  I’ve got some time, but I have the feeling I need to start working on details soon. I’ll be sending some direct messages soon asking for advice etc. And rest assured when the time is right, you my faithful readers will be among the first to know.

In the meantime, this being the first Tuesday of the month, we have loaded up the old MP3 player with a fresh batch of tunes.  The August playlist starts now with what could be a record, 50 songs!  The songs run a pretty wide gamut (is wide gamut acceptable or is it redundant? Oh well…) with music dating from the 50s to the present day with stops in the sixties, the eighties, the 2000s and the 2010s – and perhaps others… in addition, we have covers, live bootlegs, big hit songs and brand spanking new tracks and everything in between.  Here is our first taste:

We begin with a song from the late, great Eddie Cochran. 3 Steps to Heaven was released on his 12 Greatest Hits album which was released just days before his untimely death in April 1960.  


Next up,we have a track from a bootleg of a 1967 live performance by The Velvet Underground entitled Psychedelic Sounds From the Gymnasium.  The track, Guess I’m Falling in Love, appeared surfaced in Instrumental form on the 80s compilation, Another View.  Check out the bootleg here. (via captainsdead)

White Chalk is the first taste of a forthcoming album (Ark – out 10/15) by the British Producer who works under the name, Halls. It’s a spare, murky bit of pop.  Here’s some info on the track.

Next up we have To Be Young (Is To Be Sad, Is To Be High) from Ryan Adams’ 2000 solo debut Heartbreaker.  The album, made just after the demise of Whiskeytown, features Dave Rawlings, Gillian Welch, Kim Richey and Emmylou Harris among others.  Have at it for $6.99 from Amazon – using the pic/link below.


And finally, we’ll close things out today with a song we featured over the weekend. It’s Nashville’s own Natural Child with the song Mother Nature’s Daughter which will be released as a 7″ on August 21 via Jeffery Drag Records.

 Here’s an older video by Natural Child


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