Featured Friday Music Shuffle – Insider Parades

Blah… Morning Music shuffle is back after a brief interlude due to a bit of the mid-summer blahs. 

And, it’s time for our Featured Friday edition – week 2 for August, as we delve into some music from our Featured Artists of the Month.  We have a plethora of great music, so let’s get to it.

First up, we have a pleasant little serial killer? folksy-ballad from Loners Society. It’s called Jersey Devil, and I’m digging the sound of this one.  Just give a listen, but if you are someone who needs a frame of reference, Blitzen Trapper is the band that first came to my mind when I heard this song.  But, whatever, it’s a nifty song…  Jersey Devil is the b-side to the Pinstripes 7″ which you can grab right here:

Here’s the video of the A-side, “Pinstripes”

Next up, we shift gears and come up with a searing, soaring rock instrumental from the band, Traverse the Skies.  Grey Knight has a larger than life feel to it, and it made a great accompaniment to a cloudy walk up the hill.  



 I hope you are buckled in, because our wild ride takes up down to New Mexico, and a song by our new friends The Imperial Rooster – DWI Marijuana Blues.   Would it be totally inappropriate for me to say that this song could be dedicated to Randy Travis?  If it is inappropriate, remember, I said it, not the Roosters!  Anyway, the song is a rollicking, amped up foot-stomper of a song, and like everything I’ve heard from The Imperial Rooster, it’s a helluva good time.  It’s another fine track from their Decent People album.

Next up we have the hit single from The Danbury Lie’s self-titled album, Morbid Becoming. Robert from The Danbury lie is a long-time friend of EttG favorite Don Ryan.  Musically speaking, that set my expectations pretty high, and I have to say The Danbury Lie live up to those expectations.  Morbid Becoming, as the title implies, has a bit of a dark, backwoodsy feel to it. In an inexplicable way, it also brings to my mind the old band, The Balancing Act. If you are not familiar with The Balance Act – google them.  The Danbury Lie are not exactly like The Balancing Act, but sonically, vocally… something reminds me of them, and that is definitely not a bad thing.  

And finally, we close today’s Featured Friday shuffle with a song from Pony Boy. We presented Saints and Liars by Pony Boy before, but this gorgeous example of West Coast bluesy, Rock is worth hearing again.  


TODAY (8/10/2012) ONLY – AMAZON has the 40th Anniversary Edition of L.A. Woman by The Doors for $2.99.

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