Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – Line, Lion, Lyin’ Mix

So – have you checked out our featured artist’s for September?  There is a link over =====>

Or you can click HERE

// next couple of weeks are going to be pretty exciting here at Ear to the Ground.  A week from tonight E2TG favorite Jo Wymer is playing a solo set here in Nashville.  She’s coming into town for the Americana Music Fest and Conference as is our friend Sloane from Country Fried Rock. If anyone else is going to be at the Americana Music Festival let me know.  And the following week current Featured Artist Man on Earth is playing here in Nashville.  Which provides a neat segue into today’s Shuffle:

The aforementioned Man on Earth is up first with A Birthday Song from their 2008 album A Time Spent Wondering.

Here is a pic/link to Amazon, but it does not appear the album or song are available there.  To purchase the CD use the linked album title above.

Here’s the video for All We Want from the same album

Next we have another of our fantastic featured artists for September.  The Great American Novel released You and I (which is not to be confused with our good friends Val and James  aka You and I) in September 2011.  The lead track from that album is Vonnegut and Morrissey.  The album is available for Name Your Price at Bandcamp.
Here is the video for another song from the album

Next, breaking up our run of Featured Artists is one of our all time faves. We dig deeper into Damien Jurado’s latest Maraqopa with a song called Museum of Flight.

And finally, we get back to a September Featured Artist.  We have a track from The Grimm Generation from their 2011 release The Last Record Party and a song called The Definition of Love which feels to me like walking into a smoky cabaret and finding that the house band is original and talented.  Ordering a drink of your choice and just sliding into the groove.

// // //

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