Americana Music Festival – Part III – Delta Spirit Live on the Green

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After The Dunwells’ set, the sun went down and it was dusk or so when the next band took the stage.  I had been pumped to see Delta Spirit since the show was announced, and apparently, I wasn’t the only one.  A mostly young (most everyone is young to me…) and enthusiastic crowd was electric as the stage was set.  

 I was still pressed up against the barricades in front of the stage.  Delta Spirit are a remarkable band.  The band formed in 2005.  I was a little late getting on board with them, in fact I first became aware of them in 2010 when I heard about Middle Brother the band that features John McCauley of Deer Tick (who I was already into), Taylor Goldsmith of Dawes (who I dig) and Matthew Vasquez of Delta Spirit.  That was what prompted me to really give them a listen, and I’ve been a fan ever since.  They have made some amazing records, but seeing them live was a revelatory experience. 

I was impressed by the energy and the passion evident in the music. You had to clap along to the songs. No I mean, you literally didn’t have a choice – it seemed like Matt Vasquez was going to leap off the stage, hurdle the barricade and throttle you if you didn’t clap along.

This felt like a punk show, but Delta Spirit is not punk. They play Indie Rock with a soulful and (appropriately) Americana spirit. What struck me is that it was interesting to see – over thirty years later, how the punk spirit has infused all kinds of music.  For Delta Spirit, who in a pre-punk world, would have probably been a folk-rock act with a CCResque soul streak, punk added an aggression and power which quite frankly make them so remarkable.  

I was bummed that my pre-arranged schedule for the night meant I had to bail before the set was over, but at least I got to hear another song and a half while I bungled my way through a crowded that filled the large park.  I was also bummed to miss The Wallflowers set which closed the Live on the Green portion of the evening… such is the life of a singular music blogger with places and people to experience… 

So yeah, I really dug Delta Spirit.  If you get the chance to see them live, do it.


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