Monday Morning Music Shuffle – Controversial Mix

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Well, here we go.  We ended up with a tie for Band of the Month!  Our crack legal staff are currently reviewing the results.  I went to bed before midnight, and the poll format we are using does not automatically cut-off voting at any particular time.  It has to be done manually.  So this morning, we had a tie, however, a few votes were received after midnight.  We will be reviewing to make sure we were clear enough in setting the deadline.  In the meantime, what I can tell you is that And the Giraffe and The Great American Novel have both earned a spot in the Band of the Year Poll which will be kicking off in just a couple of months.  Congrats to both of those great bands.  We will post an official Band of the Month announcement once we have made a final determination.  

Second, I’m pleased to reveal and announce our Featured Artists for October.  I think we have a another great and diverse group of bands and artists.  Again, we will have an “official” Featured Artist announcement soon, but in the mean time, go HERE to check out the 10 Featured Artists for October. 

We are in a brand new month which means tomorrow (if all goes as expected) we will be posting a shuffle of a brand new playlist of songs.  Before we do that, though, we created a Highlights Playlist of songs we added to our database in July and August but have not yet had the chance to present to you.  So, today’s shuffle includes 4 songs from that Playlist.

First up, we have a song from OK, the debut EP from Mr. Kind.  Mr. Kind is the new band featuring July Featured Artist Brian Bergeron.  The song we present today is a nifty number called, The Artist.

Next up, we have Jackson Cage  the third song on the first disc of Springsteen’s epic classic, The River


Next, we have a song from June Featured Artist, Shayfer James off of his 2011 Counterfeit Arcade album –  L.V.S. (Your Lady Waits).  Right here is why we love Shayfer James:

And finally, we have an awesome cover of one of my all-time favorite songs.  On October 26, 2010, 50+ Bay Area bands got together and played a live tribute to the seminal album The Velvet Underground and Nico.  From that show, we have Meklit Hadero – an acoustic soul singer/songwriter performing I’ll Be Your Mirror

Here’s another cover by Meklit Hadero
And here is another cover of I’ll Be Your Mirror


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