Thursday Morning Music Shuffle – Semisweet Tears of Pure Apathy Mix

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 Blah blah blah…. stuff… random blathering…

okay, with that out of the way, let’s get right to another packed music shuffle:

Carolina Story are not from North or South Carolina (at least as far as I can tell).  They are a married couple from North Dakota and Arkansas.  They met in Memphis and currently reside across the Cumberland River from where I am right now.    They have been touring with rising Memphis band Star and Micey.  Before the tour the two bands put out a Live sampler on Noisetrade.  That sampler includes a live version of the Carolina Story song, Gold.

Current Featured Artists, The Dirty Urchins join a talented and growing list of young bands who are carving and clawing and digging out their own path playing timeless, soulful and well-crafted music for the post-post modern era. Hand me the Crown is taken from the band’s Just in Time EP.


New York/New Jersey band The Ugly Club released a live acoustic album called Songs from a 10th Street Apartment.  The original versions of the songs can be found on the band’s full-length debut called You Belong to the Minutes.  Today, we have The Mountain.

And how the hell did I miss out on this.

For this month, I front loaded my playlist with our Featured Artists for the month (including songs we’ve had in shuffles before).  This to explain, the repeat appearance of Christopher Paul Stelling with Solar Flares from his Songs of Praise and Scorn album.  I’m not complaining.

Another Featured Artist jumps into the mix.  Paul Davidson with his song California Dreams which he released as a single.

Fidlar are a Los Angeles band.  The band released a single called, Cheap Beer back in September.  I don’t know much yet about the band or their music, but I like this song, and I want to hear more.

Mr. Cheap's Guide to Wine: Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget Mr. Cheap’s Guide to Wine: Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget

– The return of the Mr. Cheap’s brand in an all-new format    – Perfect for the price-conscious, yet sophisticated consumer   – Wine is gaining popularity with the chic, but budget-savvy mid-twenties to early thirties demographic   Everybody is looking for a bargain these days, especially on wine. But most buyers do not know the secrets necessary to buy just the right wine–without emptying their wallets  This intriguing guide is filled with engaging, enlightening information on:    – The history of wine and the different varieties   – The best wines for $10   – A crash course on wine shopping   – What makes expensive wine expensive (and how to get around it )   – How to pair wine with the right food for an inexpensive party   Complete with a crash course on wine shopping, Mr. Cheap’s Guide to Wine is the perfect gift for wine lovers with sophisticated palates and tight budgets

Hopes N Hats: Tears Through Laughter and Laughter Through Tears Hopes N Hats: Tears Through Laughter and Laughter Through Tears

We had a culture of our own; rules that we lived by, using humor to get us through the tough times. We learned to laugh at ourselves in the face of terror, evil, danger, and to laugh at our misgivings. This book offers something for a broad range of people. Looking back over the sixties and seventies, I have to allow the truth to enter in on occasion. We lived in a simpler time, but still underwent massive changes in our culture. The eighties and nineties, we raised our children, using the faith and values bestowed upon us, by our parents, with a few modifications. Our children are now on their own; given all that we had to give, not monetarily, but from the head and heart to raise their children. Sharing tears is as important as sharing the good times. Our community coming together helped us through it all. We are never too young, too old, too crippled to make a difference in someone elses life.


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