Ear to the Ground: The Unheard Music – Vol. 1

So… every week I add anywhere from 30 to 80 songs to my MP3 player.  These become part of the Morning Shuffles you have come to know and love…  Each shuffle has between 3 and 5 songs.  So even at 5 songs for 5 days, I max out at 25 songs per week that I am able to present in the Morning Shuffle.  Obviously, this leaves a large number of songs that I have not been able to play for you.  Over the past several months, I have been collecting a playlist of the best of those unplayed tracks.  As the year winds down, and I contemplate a new phone with increased memory capacity, I wanted to begin to present some of these songs.  I have ripped off the band X and called this segment, The Unheard Music.

These will be video posts with little to know explanation or description….



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