Monday Morning Music Shuffle – Stereotypically Stereotyping Mix

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I try hard not to stereotype and I also try not to fall back on tired old clichés… however, then it comes to be a Monday Morning and it’s raining and the car won’t start, and I find myself understanding why people strereotype Mondays as bad and begin to hear in my head, that song about rainy days and Mondays….

We are backFriday didn’t go as planned, and we didn’t have a shuffle.  I can’t believe we are already to the 10th of DecemberI have to say, I am going to have to say no to any new major undertakings until after the first of the yearThe exception, obviously, is the 2nd Annual Band of the Year Poll.  We are hard at work rounding out the last couple of “wildcard” spots – and the poll should be open to receive votes by the end of this week.  As way of a preview, today‘s Shuffle comes from a playlist I’m creating with all of our Band of the Year candidates.  Shuffle after the jump…

2012 has been a big year for our friends The Dead Exs.  They released a fabulous new album called Relovolution and spent part of the fall playing some shows in the Longhorn State including some dates with the legendary Ray Wylie Hubbard.  Today we have the cautionary song Don’t Mess With The Girl from Texas from the new record.  Let’s hope The Dead Exs took their own advice.  The Dead Exs finished a close second in the Band of the Month poll for December 2011 (which we rolled into 2012), and they were an easy pick for a wildcard spot in the BOTY poll.

The California band Sci-Fi Romance also had a big 2012 and they, too fell just short in their BOTM competition in May.  The band released their ambitious and awesome album The Ghost of John Henry in May. From that record, which is a retelling of the story of the steel driver facing the possibility of obsolescence at the hands of modern machinery, comes the heartbreaking Steam Drill Blues.

Here is a CXCW performance of another track from The Ghost of John Henry


The Great American Novel are a great American band and Kissing is a great American record and by the way American Weekend is – you guessed it – a great American song.  The band ended up as co-Band of the Month is September when voting ended in a tie.  


We have a video of a different song from Kissing.

The upstate New York band Skeletons in the Piano were our Band of the Month in June and they currently have a Kickstarter deal going to get support for pressing vinyl for their forth-coming album.  Check out that information here.  Only a few hours to go and they are on the cusp of reaching their goal.  You could put them over the top.  In the shuffle we have the lead track from the band’s 2011 album Stranger on a Damned Staircase. The song is called The Old Hound Dog.


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