Thursday Morning Music Shuffle – Gold Rush Mix

So much going on, and yet I find myself constantly pressed for time.  So here is a quick and dirty, non-complete run down of some things which have crossed my mind, my desk or my social media filters….

1. RIP Patty Andrews – the last surviving member of the Andrews Sisters.

2.  The Great American Novel have released a new single…

3. Couch by Couchwest is about a month and a half away.  Bands: Submit your videos to Couch by Couchwest – “Where the beer is cheaper and the only hipster is you.”

After the jump; a shuffle:

 Today all 10 songs in the shuffle are available via the Clip Widget from Amazon right above this sentence.  Check it out.
1.  Day That Marvin Gaye Died
     The Avett Brothers
      Mignonette (2004)
That would be April 1, 1984

2. Let the Natives Loose
    The Dead Exs
     Relovolution (2012)
Another great track from the incredible latest release from one of our favorite bands.  The Relovolution will not be televised, but it will be streaming via You Tube.

here’s DP of The Dead Exs from last year’s CXCW

3.  Cali Hills
     Guilty Simpson + Madlib
     OJ Simpson (album) 2010
I know  admittedly little about rap/hip hop, but I’ll take a stab and say this is West Coast… oh and I kind of like this.

4.   Queen of California
      John Mayer
      Born and Raised (2012)
The latest AAA hit single from the singer/songwriter/internet personality.  This one name drops Neil Young and Joni Mitchell. I kind of like this.

5.   Should’ve Known
       Popular Genius
      How to Be Popular (2003)
Great early 21st Century indie rock from Nashville. 

Video of the recording of the album

6. Back from Somewhere
    Husker Du
     Warehouse: Songs and Stories (1987)
Seems like this album has come up quite often recently.  No complaints here.

7.  For What It’s Worth (Buffalo Springfield cover)
     The Staple Singers 
     Freedom Highway (1967)
I think this song has come up at least two previous times on Morning Shuffles, but to be honest, I never get tired of hearing it.

8.   On and Off Again
      Sondre Lerche
      Faces Down (2001)
Great song from the Norwegian singer/songwriter’s debut album

9.   Cajun Twisters
      Adam Ant
      Friend or Foe (1982)
I have no idea what this has to do with Cajun culture or Cajun Music, but it’s good old early 80s wacky new wave fun.

10.  As You Choke
       The Hunting Accident
       Trees and Parks (2012)
Another nice track from this California indie band…



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Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – Riders on the Storm Mix

Most of Nashville and the surrounding area woke up around 3:00a.m. to tornado sirens, high winds, and all manner of alarms going off. An apparent EF-2 tornado touched down just outside of Nashville, and a man was killed by a falling tree just north of downtown. For most of us it was just the inconvenience of having our beauty sleep interrupted. It was kind of interesting reading the live tweets. In addition to updates from the local news outlets, I read a fair number of tweets from Nashville-area songwriters, musicians and venues. 

Seemed like an appropriate time to post this…  The Doors’ Riders on the Storm digitally altered from the Minor Key to the Major Key.

 And now, a shuffle – after the jump:

 Of late, our Morning Shuffles have increased from about 4-6 songs per shuffle to around 10.  While I love being able to present more music, the posts have been taking way more time than I actually have. So, I’m going to try something new… we shall see..

1. Song: Living In The 80’s  Artist: Zero Boys  Album: Decade of Disaster – The Toxic Shock Years (Originally released on Vicious Circle (1982))

Old school punk from Indianapolis 

2. Song: Heart is Strange (Active Child Remix)  Artist: School of Seven Bells  Album: Disconnect from Desire (orginal verison on this album) (2010)
First of two remixes in a row.  School of Seven Bells is an indie rock band from Brooklyn.  Active Child is an electronic music artist named Pat Grossi. The Amazon widget actually includes a different remix of the same song.

3. All to All (Spirit If Remix)  Artist: Broken Social Scene Album: Forgiveness Rock Record (original version) (2010) 
Okay let’s get this straight.  All to All is a song by Broken Social Scene from their record Forgiveness Rock Record.  Spirt If… was a band presented solo record by Kevin Drew of BSS. This remix was done by Kevin Drew and Ohad Benchetrit. The used the name of the solo album for this radical remix. The remix is not on the Spirit If.. record.  Got it?

4.  Song: Is that Clear  Artist: Nick Waterhouse Album: Time’s All Gone (2012)
Jazzy R&B from the full-album debut of this talented L.A. musician.

5. Song: Trees and Parks  Artist: The Hunting Accident Album: Trees and Parks (2012)
A Band of the Week in 2011.  Made up of members of Piebald and Arlo.  L.A. indie rockers.  
 6. Song: Ten Commandments of Love Artist: Bob Marley Album: Trenchtown Days: The Birth of a Legend (orginally appeared on The Wailing Wailers (1965) )
Do-Wop originnally by The Moonglows. A great history lesson on the early career of  this music legend.

 7.  Song: Wet and Rusting Artist: Menomena  Album: Barsuk: 2009 Amazon Digital Sampler (orginally on Wet and Rusting EP (2006))

Portland Oregon indie rock band

8. Song: Shanghai Cigarettes Artist: Caitlin Rose Album: Own Side Now (2011) 
Flat out one of the best songs ever.  Nashville’s own. I saw her at Grimey’s Record Store Day celebration this past spring.

9.  Song: Heart Collector  Artist: Garrison Starr Album: Relive (Noisetrade Version) (2012)
Great song from a great singer/songwriter. A different Garrison Starr song with Heart in the title is on the Amazon widget.

10. Song: Basie Boogie  Artist: Count Basie Orchestra Album: Basie Boogie (Prime Cuts) (1995?)

A little Big Band music to get the day going right…

11. Song: Life Design Artist: Parlotones  Album: Experience Music: A Tunecore Music Sampler (orginally on Stardust Galaxies (2010))
Rock from South Africa
12. Song: Crash Years Artist: The New Pornographers Album: Matador Records – Intended Play 2010 (Originnally on Together (2010))
Just a great song from this Vancouver based band which features Neko Case and a bunch of other talented people.

13. Song: Don’t Be Afraid Artist: Anoraak feat. Sally Shapiro Album: Wherever the Sun Sets (2010)
Synth-pop from Europe. Dig it.



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Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – Springlike Passing Fancy Mix

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 So, what can I say, it’s late January, and the high today is supposed to peak above 70 – followed, of course, by a night of storms and then cooler weather. Still and all, it’s still mid-winter, and I’m still kind of suffering through some S.A.D.-like symptoms, but as always, we press on…  

Today’s music shuffle is on tap – after the JUMP

1. Song: Baby Lee Artist: Teenage Fanclub Album: Shadows (2010)
Scottish alt-rock band.  Their 1991 album Bandwagonesque beat out Nevermind by Nirvana for album of the year in Spin Magazine.  Baby Lee is off 2010 Shadows which, to-date, is the latest album for Teenage Fanclub.

2. Perihelion 1 Artist: Andrew Osenga Album: Leonard, The Lonely Astronaut (2012)
  A perihelion refers to an orbit around the Sun.  Perihelion 1 is a brief instrumental on Osenga’s 2012 concept album, Leonard, the Lonely Astronaut.
  a different song from the same album

3. Song: Long Long Long Artist: Rhett Miller  Album: The Dreamer (2012)

In our shuffle a live version recorded at Eddie’s Attic in Decatur, Georgia… The Old 97s front man is in good spirits and sounds incredible in this Noisetrade version.

4.  Song: Seven Seas of Rhye  Artist: Queen Album:Queen II (1974)

The final song on Queen’s second album. An earlier version was the final song on their debut.  This is early-period Queen at their absolute best.

5. Song: Cages  Artist: David Lowery  Album: non-album download from The Palace Guards sessions (2011)

A fun and silly song from the Camper Van Beethoven/Cracker front man. Supposedly co-written by a guy from my hometown. By the way, the Amazon widget above includes a different song from Palace Guards.
 (fan-made video)
6. Song: Water in Hell Artist: Broken Social Scene Album: Forgiveness Rock Record (2010) 
A nifty song from the Canadian Indie Rock collective from what is at present their latest album. 

7.  Song: Impossible Sky  Artist: Woods  Album: Bend Beyond (2012)

 I dig this song from this Brooklyn-based folksy band. 

8. Song: Living Like a Hobo  Artist: Marvin Etzioni and Buddy Miller Album: Marvin Country! (2012)

A rousing number from Etzioni’s star-studded Double album. This one features Nashville-based living legend Buddy Miller.

 here is a Marvin County! related video of another song
9.  Song: Ready Teddy  Artist: Little Richard  Album: Here’s Little Richard (1957)
A classic Rock n’ Roll song written by Robert Blackwell and John Marascalco.  

10.  Song: Gillian  Artist: Ane Brun  Album: Changing of the Seasons (2008)
Great song from the Norwegian born singer-songwriter. Evocative and beautiful.

11. Song: One Small Step  Artist: Black Tar Pineapple  Album: Black Tar Pineapple (2012)
Nifty song from this side project of one our featured bands from last year – The Danbury Lie. Check it out (not on the Amazon widget, but the album is available on Spotify and (as linked below) Bandcamp.





Monday Morning Music Shuffle – A Mixture of Mixtures Mix

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Let’s jump to the shuffle – 

 Monday’s are a beast….

Shuffle after the jump….

1. Song: His Arm Has Grown Long  Artist: Alexander Tucker  Album: Dorwytch (2011)

Alexander Tucker is from Kent, England.  This is sometimes beautiful, challenging, darkly complex music that seems to emanate from some ancient place and channel through the mindset of modern experimental post everything music.

2. Song: Turn Away  Artist: Forgetters  Album: Forgetters (2012)

Brooklyn Alt-Rock – featuring former members of Jawbreaker and Jets To Brazil, Againt Me! and Bitchin’.  Nabbed this song from the latest Feel Bad for You compilation.

3. Song: Here, In Heaven  Artist: Elite Gymnastics Album: Ruin 1 (2011) 
Vancouver-based electronicky pop music stuff…

 4. Song: Dance With You  Artist: Willie Ames Album: Night Owl (2011)

Not the guy from Eight is Enough and Charles in Charge (do go there!) ( Btw, that Willie has two As in Aames), but a talented singer-songwriter-musician from California.  Night Owl is a beautiful record and Dance With You is a beautiful song. 
video for the title track

 5. Song: Where am I Growing Up To?  Artist: Diana Lawrence Album: To: Aging Children (2012) 

A featured Artist from last summer. An incredibly talented songwriter/vocalist. I met Diana Lawrence at the Americana fest, and I’m glad I did.  Here she is singing with Phoebe Hunt, who I also met at Americana.

6. Song: David Foster Wallace (acoustic) Artist: The Ugly Club  Album: Songs from a 10th Street Apartment (2012)

Another E2TG featured artist from last year. The song, which first appeared on the band’s You Belong to the Minutes album – as did all of the songs on the acoustic Songs from a 10th Street Apartment record, is about the legendary novelist.  I first came upon The Ugly Club and this song shortly after I finished reading Wallace’s 1989 short story collection, Girl with the Curious Hair. A different The Ugly Club song.

 7. Song: Jefferson Combine  Artist: Slow Mover Album: Slow Mover (2012) 

 Some hard, stoner rock from the Boston area.  Nabbed with from the epic, Bong Hits From the Astral Basement collection.

8.  Song: Define a Transparent Dream Artist: The Olvia Tremor Control Album: Music From the Unrealized Film Script, Dusk at Cubist Castle (1996) 

Awesomeness from the debut of one of the original Elephant 6 bands

9.  Song: Channels and Winds Composer: Phillip Glass Album: Passages (1990)
Originally part of a collaboration between Glass and the late Ravi Shankar. The version we heard today came from a Phillip Glass sampler called The Orange Mountain 

10.  Song: Evidence  Artist: The Soft Moon and John Foxx Album: ????
Okay, John Foxx was the original singer of Ultravox (before Midge Ure) and The Soft Moon are a San Francisco neo-post punk band.  The song Evidence was recently released by Foxx and his latest band The Maths.  Other than that, I don’t know much about this version of the song (including how it made it’s way into my collection), but it is good stuff.

11.  Song: Cupid  Artist: Sam Cooke Single (1961) 
We close things up today with the inimitable Sam Cooke and the classic Cupid.


Friday Morning Music (Non-Shuffle) – No Barcodes Mix

Today, we are trying something new.  It’s partially out of necessity, but I’m pretty psyched about it.  At Ear 2 the Ground, we usually focus on the Morning Shuffle which allows us to bring you a good cross-section of our eclectic musical tastes.  We will continue to do that.  Recently, however, I have been reminded of an e-mail conversation I had with a few friends who are more knowledgeable about music than I am (but they don’t write music blogs – so there).  But anyway, this was a few years ago, just before all of us were on Facebook, so we mainly had these discussions over e-mail (we are spread across the country). We were talking about the rise of the MP3 Player/iPod or whatever.  On the plus side, it sure makes it convenient to have at least a large chunk of my music collection at my fingertips, but I wondered if somehow, the concept of a record album might be lost.  In the end, I concluded that art is enduring and adapts to whatever changes in medium come along.  But, I still believe in the power of the album as a cohesive form of expression.  So, we do the shuffle, but I always like to point you, dear reader, to the source album, in the hopes (unspoken usually) that if you hear something you like you will check out the album as a whole. 
It is on rare occasions when we do a full-fledged record review, and of late, due to some unforeseen circumstances, I have been unable to doing many posts outside of our daily shuffle. So, when I was recently asked to write about a new record, I was excited, but the current state of my life and technology and time made it difficult to do what I so wanted to… That’s when I came up with this idea.  With my extended listening time in the morning, I usually end up with between 7-10 songs in the morning shuffle.  Coincidentally, that is the approximate length of many albums.  So, I pulled up the record I wanted to review, turned off the shuffle function (so I could hear the record in the order intended) and voila. We have the first ever Morning (Non-Shuffle) Album review, and it’s a great one… keep reading after the jump:

So today, we begin a new chapter in the Ear to the Ground saga by presenting the final chapter of another story.  Accomplices III: No Barcodes by Brooklyn’s The Gypsy West.  This is the final part of the rock trilogy about a modern revolution.
 from the band’s Bandcamp page:

“Accomplices is a modern musical trilogy.

It is told in 3 EPs that can be listened to separately or together in sequence.

This is the first part of the story.

The story focuses on personal liberation through public rebellion. It begins as an abstract narrative, weaving through different perspectives and characters. The prism of the Accomplices story is Phoenix. Articulate yet speechless, inspired yet immobile, Phoenix represents the common person and their potential.

The story follows Phoenix to and through a revolution, its many shapes and forms, and the many friends and foes along the way.”

This will be a review of the final EP of the trilogy which is being released today.  

Overall,  Accomplices III is a powerful musical statement.  At times epic and majestic , at other times vulnerable and tender. I make no bones about the fact that I am a non-musician – so my reviews are more about emotional responses, but I will say that from an untrained ear, this record sounds incredible. 

An interesting side note is between the release of the first Accomplices EP and this final EP, something called the Occupy movement occurred. The themes of the trilogy predate and anticipate the themes present in the Occupy movement.

Track 1: Changing  – As the record opens, there is a sense of urgency.  The lyrics “No longer waiting I’m no longer waiting for the changing of the guards or the unknown” are backed by a prog-rock influenced sound and soaring and glorious vocals.  “we’re coming for you now we will not be soothed we will not be owned we will not be sold”

Track 2: On the Watch (parts I-IV) is an instrumental track. Insistant and persistent. This track progresses rapidly through the four parts. Utilizing machine gun like drumming, real honest to goodness horns and some amazing sounding guitar and bass work, this track progresses the story forward without words.

Track 3: On the Watch (parts V-XII) continues this piece of the record adding words to the mix: all instinct I feel like gasoline I can stop and start the machine it runs on me” wherein the power of the people is claimed. I was struck by the many musical moods of this track. Even as a non-musician, I can hear and sense the eight different parts to this track.  
“you can’t buy your way out.”

Track 4: Accomplices  is another instrumental piece which begins with an extended bit of distortion, adds some ominous string to create a gorgeously noisy wall of sound. The track shifts gears at 1:40 with haunting more muted sounding guitar work. In this part of the track, the string add a touch of delicate beauty. The horns return in an elegiac fanfare that builds into into a majestic and epic crescendo??? (again not a musician) before slipping back into more distortion and chaos. 

Track 5: There are Rules .   “I’m the only thing stopping the Wolves from chewing on your bones” and “the man is talking do not disrupt for there are rules rules for swine” Musically progressive and lyrically challenging, this penultimate track of the record and the trilogy seems to me to represent the beginning of the end of the beginning of the end of a brutal and capitalistic power structure. 

Track 6: The Witching Hour is a contemplative and achingly beautiful song that brings the storyline and the record to an end.   

“in the dark so opaque the witching hour has passed it’s past me now it has let me go but tonight, tonight like always the hour never fades this aching quiet it sees me it never leaves”

There seems to be a sense of looking back, not without regret. 

The Gypsy West a great band. I, for one, can’t wait to see what’s up next for them.  If you’ve been following this band and have already picked up the first parts of the Accomplices trilogy, I think you will be pleased with how the story concludes. If you are just now finding about The Gypsy West, do yourself a huge favor and get on board.  You can go back and begin with Accomplices and Accomplices II: You Might Get Caught before leaping into this final part of the whole, or you can listen to and appreciate Accomplices III: No Barcodes as an excellent stand-alone record, and then go back and see what you’ve missed.

Here is the widget to download the new record:

 Get the first two parts of the trilogy here:

If you happen to be kicking around Brooklyn (or if you are anywhere in the general area), stop by The Trash Bar tonight (1/25/2013) – Here is a link to the event. The first ten people are going to get a free CD. 

Get your warpaint on, and prepare to be loud as the band will be recording the show.

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Thursday Morning Music Shuffle – Follow Me Mix

Here we go… Lot’s of good stuff happening.  Time is short as always – let’s get to the shuffle


1.  Song: Gravitate  Artist: Lou Barlow  Album: Goodnight Unknown (2009) – (Cool song from the Alt-Rock/Indie/Lo-Fi pioneer, founding member of Dinosaur Jr, Sebadoh and The Folk Implosion)

2. Song: Basin Street Blues  Artist: Louis Armstrong Album: Basin Street Blues (1928) – (Dixieland Jazz standard written by Spencer Williams.  Satchmo at his finest)
3. Song: Ain’t Nothin’ Wrong  Artist: The Bluefields  Album: Pure (2012) – (More goodness from this Nashville-based supergroup.  The Bluefields will be hitting the road with a new drummer – watch for them in your city)
Here be The Bluefields covering Led Zep
4. Song: Hangman  Artist: Cadillac Sky  Album: Letters in the Deep (2010) – (Another Nashville-based band.  Really dig this song)
5.  Song: Late Afternoon Blues  Artist: Memphis Slim  Album: Memphis Slim, USA (1961) – (Just some good old fashioned blues music.  Even in the early morning, Late Afternoon Blues hit the spot)

A different Memphis Slim song
6. Song: Canadian Krystal Artist: Marcel Tirado Album: The Early Collection (????) – (Atlanta based Singer-songwriter, not sure how I came across this song, but I am glad I did. Not included on Amazon widget)

Marcel in action

7. Song: Wait in the Dark Artist:U2 Album: No Line On the Horizon (2009) – (Most recent album from the Irish rockers, silly but coll song)

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Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – In the Backroom Mix

 Heard Walk on the Wild Side on the radio this morning. It’s going to be a good day.

Today’s shuffle includes some old friends and a pretty weird ass mix of some pretty bitchin’ tunes.  It’s all after the jumpy thing:

!function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);;js.src=”//”;fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document,”script”,”twitter-wjs”);

  1. Song: Spread Your Wings Artist: The Walla Recovery  Album: With Trembling… (2009) – (One of our early Bands of the Week in 2011, Chamber Folk Rock from Dallas/Fort Worth, Beautiful music made by beautiful spirits)  

2. Song: Cry  Artist: Tipi Valley  Album: In the Woods (2012) – (Another artist we featured, this time in 2012, the eclectic and talented Tipi Valley from Swansea, UK. In the Woods features the acoustic side of this band. Not on Amazon widget – no video is available – so see the Bandcamp Widget)

3. Song: She’s a Woman (And Now He is a Man)  Artist: Husker Du  Album: Warehouse: Songs and Stories (1987) – (Post-punk legends. Husker Du were extremely prolific. Warehouse ended up being the band’s swan song.  This song was released as a promotional single. It was written by Grant Hart.)

4.  Song: Good Wife  Artist: The Grisly Hand  Album: Safe House (2010) – (Kansas City band, Love this song, the amazing Sloane Spencer of Country Fried Rock likes this band)

5.  Song: Good in White  Artist: Delta Saints  Album:Bird Called Angola (2010) – (Nashville-based, NOLA sounding, down and swampy rock ‘n’ roll.)

6. Song: Hold On  Artist: Alabama Shakes  Album: Boys and Girls (2012) – (One of the hottest bands of 2012, Yes – you hear this on the radio quite often. Yes – I heard this morning as a matter of face. Yes – I didn’t mind hearing it again)
7. Song: Toward the Ghost (Steve Moore Remix) Artist: BRAHMS Album: unknown (2010) – (Brooklyn based electronic, alternative band – broke up in 2011, Not on Amazon Widget, gleaned from Stereogum, Steve Moore is a keyboardist/bassist with Zombi)

8. Song: The Funeral Artist: J Duff  Album: The Introduction (2012) – (New Jersey Hip-Hop, majestic swagger and in-your-face lyrics)

9. Song: Paranoid Android (Radiohead Cover)  Artist: Weezer Album: None (2011) – (The Radiohead original is on the Amazon Widget, OK Computer track done up right by Weezer, Not much new ground, but it’s a great song done well)


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