Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – The Icestorm Cometh (or Not) Mix

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Here we go… I’ll plug the Sandy Hook single again.  Really, check this out and buy it.  $1.29 – just don’t super-size your fast food meal for one day. 😉  


Our shuffle is all over this this a.m. – check it out – after the… wait for it… jump:

1.  Song: Ugly  Artist: Garrison Starr Album: Eighteen Over Me (1997) – We listened to a live version off a Noisetrade release – Awesome singer-songwriter originally from Mississippi)

2.  Song: Birmingham  Artist: Mikey Wax  Album: The Traveler EP (2010) – (Long Island based singer-songwriter – attended college in Nashville, one our early “Bands” of the Week, one of his songs – Counting on You – was an elimination song on Season 9 of So You Think You can Dance, spread his music through a series of house concerts during the summer of 2010 and 2011)

3. Song: PT Cruiser Artist: O Children  Album: Apnea (2012) – (London based Alternative band – my first time hearing this actually – I like it – what do you think?)

4.  Song: Alright  Artist: Adam Carroll Album: Far Away Blues (2005) – (Texas singer-songwriter – Adam Carroll is up there with some of the great country/folk/whateveryouwanttocallit singer-songwriters.  It does not seem like hyperbole to through around names like Townes and Prine and Dylan)
Couldn’t find a video for Alright – here’s Screen Door 

5.  Song: Nobody Does it Better (Carly Simon cover)  Artist: Radiohead Album: Covers by Radiohead (???) – (aka The Spy Who Loved Me – Simon’s version is on the Amazon widget above – pretty straight ahead cover by Radiohead – Thom Yorke is not Carly Simon, but this is a pretty sweet cover nonetheless)

6.  Song: From the News  Artist: The Joy of Painting  Album: Asterisk (2012) – (Another past Band of the Week, TJOP promise new music for 2013)
7.  Song: Kick It In (Studio Demo) Artist: The Replacements Album: Pleased to Meet Me (Expanded Edition) (2008 reissue, 1987 original album) – (oh the joys of the expanded reissues, The ‘mats Kick It In – in fine form)
A different Replacements song with Kick in the title – live from ’81

8. Song: It Happened Today  Artist: R.E.M. Album: Collapse Into Now (2011) – (from what ended up being the Athens-based swan-song)

9.  Song: Big Blue Train  Artist: Whiteboy James and the Blues Express Album: Extreme Makeover (2011) – (California Blues – my first time hearing this – first thought was hell yeah, then The Blasters came to mind. Turns out James played some with Dave and Phil Alvin at some point.  I’m a fan now)


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