Thursday Morning Music Shuffle – 18 Years Too Late Mix

The subtitle of this post references a comment made by my friend Rex Silo regarding the fact that the reconstituted Black Flag is headlining a music festival in our hometown.  By the way, Ear to the Ground favorites Black Jake and the Carnies as well as newly discovered FOTEM (friends of  The End Men) John the Conqueror are also playing that festival.  More details on all that later.

I decided today to add all the songs from my morning listening that I could into the Amazon Widget.  Therefore, you will find music from George Gershwin, The Black Keys, + Shane MacGowan covering Townes Van Zandt.  In addition, the pre-walk portion of the morning music featured some early period Hayden Coleman with a chunky, cool beat called “Vans (Down by the River)” which you can check out here:

The official Shuffle is after the jump and after the widget:

  • “Pride (In the Name of Love)” by U2 from The Unforgettable Fire (1984)

Seen at the time as a radical departure, U2 worked with Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois for the first time on The Unforgettable Fire. The song, a stirring tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. contains a historical inaccuracy – “Early Morning April 4, shot rings out in the Memphis sky…”. King was shot in the late afternoon of April 4.  Chalk it up as poetic license.

  • “For the Summer” by Ray Lamontagne and the Pariah Dogs from God Willin’ and The Creek Don’t Rise (2010)

“Rollin’ through these hills I’ve known I’d be comin’ Ain’t a man alive that likes to be alone?” The New England based singer-songwriter with a cool song from his most recent studio album.

  • “Neanderthal” by Willie Ames from Night Owl (2011)

More great music from the San Diego based singer-songwriter.  There more I listen, the more I love this album.  

  • “It’s a Drag” by Tommy Stinson from It’s a Drag/Spork My Ears single (2012)


Just another poor bastard born under a bloodshot moon” – a track from Stinson’s 2011 One Man Mutiny. Stinson was in his early teens when he started playing with the bands that would become the legendary Replacements. Lately, he’s been hanging out with Axl Rose in the current incarnation of G’n’R.

Sometimes, just when I get to my morning destination, a song will start up but I won’t hear enough to include it in the Morning Shuffle (unless it’s a really cool song that will majorly impress you all).  Today, the next song in my random shuffle happened to be “Photo” a Studio Demo from the Expanded Edition of Pleased to Meet Me.  Go figure.

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Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – Sam and the First Day Mix

So… I’ve been feeling the need to work on some of my own creative pursuits – not that Ear to the Ground doesn’t use my creativity – and to that end, I began a short story???? something that I have given the working title of Sam and the First Day. That’s all I’ll say for now… 

Our friend’s The End Men have once again pointed us 
to a number of great bands. Here’s one, KR-3 from Wheeling, WV.

 Now to the shuffle:

  •    “Isolation” by Joy Division from Closer (1980)

“Surrendered to self preservation, From others who care for themselves.” Just about the perfect song for walking alone in the city on a dreary windy day. We listened to the song from the 1995 Joy Division compilation called Permanent.

  • “Feast of the Heart” by Jesca Hoop from Hunting My Dress (2010)

“And there’s a light switch baby you turned it on Don’t you ever leave me here in the dark” Jesca Hoop is a singer-songwriter from Northern California who was more recently based in Manchester, England.  Hunting My Dress was recorded in Manchester after she moved there. Her music has garnered praise from Tom Waits, and she has toured with Peter Gabriel.

  • “Ain’t the Madonna, Ain’t Your Whore” by Ali Holder and the Raindoggs from Red to Black (2011)

Raindogg (our friend Rob Porta) has made some great music over the past few years.  You may remember My Medicine, the silky soulful cover of the Snoop Dogg song with then lead singer Larissa. After Larissa and the band parted ways, Ali Holder came in and Red to Black is the fruits of that labor.  The Raindoggs are currently doing some awesome stuff with new singer Kassy Key down in Austin.  Check them out.
  • “Mountain Man” by Crash Kings from Crash Kings (2009)


“I bet they feel it just the same”  Crash Kings are an L.A. rock band.  I don’t know too much about them except that they released their debut album in 2009 and are expected to release the follow-up some time this year.  They play rock music without guitars.  So there’s that.  I kind of dig this song.

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Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – Sidelong Glance Mix

A cold and drizzly morning in Nashville. Let’s crank some fine tunes to begin the day – shall we?

  • “All The Time” by Elizabeth Cook from Welder (2010)

“I tell when I’m sober and I tell it on the wine  I tell it to the judge I love you all the time” I love just about everything Elizabeth Cook does.  All the Time is a pretty straight on country love song, and it is done oh so well!


“I’ve got an empty house,
that don’t bother me,
got an empty bottle,
so the day won’t follow me” 
The original version of this song is on the L.A. band’s 2010 album Machines That Listen.  The remix album is a free download on Lefse Records.  Just click on the album title above.
  • “Civil Things” by Angel Snow from Angel Snow (2012)


“Don’t tell me what I want to hear, if it’s not true…” Nashville-based Angel Snow is one of our favorites.  A gifted songwriter with an amazing voice.
  •  “Behind Me Now” by The Silos from Come On Like the Fast Lane (2007)

“I was one of the ugly boys I didn’t really have a choice” New York based band, the Silos have been making music since the mid 80s with a variety of members with Walter Salas-Humara being the band’s sole continuous member.  This song is off of a Bloodshot Records sampler from SXSW 2011.



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    Monday Morning Music Shuffle – Producer with Computers Mix

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    Well, it’s Monday.  This morning we have eight songs that cross over genre lines, decades and degrees of popularity/obscurity/awesomeness. Taken individually, the songs featured are sure to evoke feelings of nostalgia, joy, revulsion and confusion. Put together as a single shuffle, they are sure to amaze and amuse in equal measure.  Oh heck, here’s the shuffle dig on it if you will….  Jump first!

    • “I.O.U.” by The Replacements from Pleased to Meet Me (1987)

    “You see I want it in writing, I owe you nothing”  As documented in Tommy Womack’s song about the band, seeing The Replacements live was a hit or miss proposition.  They could either be the greatest rock and roll bands ever (which in fact they were) or the show could be a complete shambles. When the band rolled into the National Guard Armory in Nashville, TN on the Pleased to Meet Me tour, Rex Silo, Boyd and I drove up from Cookeville and witnessed one of the best shows I’ve ever seen.  By this time, Slim Dunlap had replaced Bob Stinson. I remember it being incredibly hot in the building, and I still remember the exhilaration of heading out of the show and beginning our drive home.

    •  “I Should Have Known” by Foo Fighters from Wasting Light (2011)

    “Damn my heart gone deaf” What to say, this is big-time rock music from the former Nirvana drummer.  Dave Grohl is now also a documentary filmmaker whose directorial debut is the 2013 film Sound City.

    • “Adult Living” by Slug Guts from Playin’ in Time With the Deadbeat (2012)

    “Every time I need you I just stay up gone” Noise rock from Brisbane, Australia. This was from Slug Guts third album which was released last July.

    “She puts the sweetness in and stirs it with a spoon” The 1969 classic from the eponymously titled debut album by the British progressive rock band as performed by a couple of modern iconic singer-songwriters part of their cover albums collaboration.
    •   “Built to Rock” by Red Hot Rebellion from Red Hot Rebellion (2012)

    She don’t care about the latest trends She don’t care about your stupid friends” Real honest to goodness ROCK music from this Dayton, Ohio trio.  Yeah!

    •  “Rockin’ the Suburbs” by Ben Folds from Rockin’ the Suburbs (2001)

      “shake your booty while the band complains” I don’t really know why I like this song so much, but I do.  Ya’ll don’t know what it’s like…

      • “When I’m Stoned” by Tipi Valley from Beautiful Sunrise (2012)

      We love Tipi Valley.  This is from one of two EPs he put out in 2012.  Some awesome shoegazey rock from Swansea, Wales UK.  The video above is for a different Tipi Valley song.

      •   “Stuck Inside of Mobile With the Memphis Blues Again” (Bob Dylan cover) by Cat Power from I’m Not There (Music from the Motion Picture) (2007)

      “When Ruthie says come see her/In her honky-tonk lagoon/Where I can watch her waltz for free/’Neath her Panamanian moon” A great cover of a great song from a great soundtrack to a great film. What else can I say.  Cat Power rules!


      Ear to the Ground Presents: A Heapin’ Helpin’ of Music News

      While we were busy writing and posting our 4-part review of  the new album by  The End Men and then being sick, a whole bunch of stuff has been happening musically from some old and new friends of ours.  Some of this “news” is no longer new, but in case you’ve missed it here is a quick survey of what’s been hitting our News feeds, In-Box and how ever else we’ve heard about this stuff. News after the jump:

      • Man on Earth, the New York rockers who we featured last year, are about to embark on their biggest tour yet.  You can go here for tour dates.  They kick off the tour with a huge show at Irving Plaza in New York.
      • Our friend from Atlanta, Elwood Kuddles (aka Killing Kuddles) is set to release a brand new 5 song EP on March 5, but you can pre-order now. 

      • released a new single from New York based Prince Rupert’s Drops called Plague Ride
      • Couch by CouchWest is rapidly approaching.  I know The Foresters have recently finished their submission.  In case you are among the uninitiated, Couch by CouchWest is kind of like South by SouthWest except “the beer is cheaper and the only hipster is you.”
      (credit Popa2unes for the poster)

      • The Dead Ex’s have released the latest single from their stand-out album Relovolution –  “White Collar Crime” 

      • Our 2012 Band of the Year, Skeletons in the Piano are working the final bits of voodoo on their new album which will the first on Magnetic Eye Records.  Head over to the band’s website to pre-order.
      • Similarly named, but in no way related, Nashville based Poetic Hip-Hop artist Skeleton at the Feast recently collaborated with our good friend Hayden Coleman on a new track which dropped just a few days ago.

      • Our friend’s The Danbury Lie recently dropped some new music.  

      • Another friend of ours Jo Wymer has been nominated for the brand new Music Educator Award from The Grammy’s.  The new award was announced on this years telecast by Justin Timberlake and Ryan Seacrest.  Congrats and good luck Jo!
      Well, I’m about out of time.  I have lots more to share…so stay tuned.  We will leave you with a brief taste of the awesome new song from His Royal Badness…. Prince!

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      Friday Morning Music Shuffle – Rebound Mix

      Oh man.  Since we last met, and I (maybe) completed by multi-part review of  the new album by The End Men (Play With Your Toys), I have been sick.  Right before I got sick, I added tons of new music to my MP3 player, and I look forward to bringing some of that music to you soon.  I also still have tons of awesome news which at this point is more ICYMI (in case you missed it), and I will get to that real soon, too.

      Let’s ease back into the shuffle mode with a quick and dirty four song shuffle (after the jump):

      1.  Not If You Were The Last Dandy On Earth by The Brian Jonestown Massacre from Give It Back! (1997)

      The San Francisco based psychedelic rock band with their musical response to The Dandy Warhols’, Not If You Were The Last Junkie on Earth. Awesomeness to help jump start my return to the land of the living.  We got this off a singles collection released in 2011.

      2. Oceans by Cicada Radio from No Fate But What We Make It (2012)

      We grabbed this off the Sandy benefit album curated by The Everymen.  It’s five bucks which goes to the American Red Cross and the digital album includes 55 songs. Like all of the songs on this compilation which includes a few of our friends, this song rocks out Jersey-style.

      3. Fallout by Neon Indian from Era Extraña (2011)
      A cool song from Denton, Texas based Alan Palomo.

      Era Extraña is $5 at Amazon right now:

      4.  Battle (Wookie Cover) by Mumdance ft. Esser from a download (2010)

      okay.  So Jack Adams better known as Mumdance and Ben Esser better known as Esser join up to cover a song by Jason Chue better known as Wookie.  This is UK dance music so I have to plead ignorance except what I read and what I heard, but I kind of dug this track.  So yeah…  




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      Friday Morning Music Non-Shuffle & Shuffle – Toys Mix Pt. 4 of ?

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      If you haven’t done so, remember, Play With Your Toys – the new album by The End Men is now available for immediate download.  Get it NOW!

      Now, we left you hanging on a Wrong Way Street… so, let’s bring this sucker home:

      First off if you’re late to the party, here’s what you need to know:

      tracks: Cleaning Your Mind, Run Away and Long Way to the Ground

      tracks: Into the Mines, Play with Your Toys Pt. I and The Ballad of Billy Polk
      tracks: It’s All Wrong, Mental Trapeze, Play With Your Toys Pt. II and Wrong Way Street
      Toys Mix Pt. 4 of ? begins after the jump:

      Track 11: Stack Chips. After taking us to the dizzyingest of heights and then dropping us into the mines, after swinging us on a mental trapeze and leading us down a wrong way street. After setting the blues rock (and rock/rock) bar about as high as it can go, after pulling out all the stops and all the toys… after all that and more… The End Men up and leave us with one of the most brutally lovely songs on the album. The song is a not so gentle reminder of the temporary nature of things like wealth and privilege and indeed life itself.  

      So… the question is, is this the end of  this multi-part review? And if it is the end, why did I leave that ‘?’ at the end of the post title?  Well, we’ve written about all 11 tracks on the album, and when we get back to our morning walk on Tuesday, we will be going back to the usual shuffle.  So maybe this is the end.  Maybe we should’ve named this Toys Mix Pt. 4 of 4. Maybe? or…. (to be continued?  You bet)

      *Bloggers note:  Among the many great things about writing is a blog (besides the free stuff which is cool) are the amazing people I have met along the way. At or near the top of that list are Matthew Hendershot and Livia Ranalli.  I alluded to this in a previous post, but I’ll just flat out say, that what I see in them is a true generosity of spirit which I find very refreshing.  Nevermind that they are crazy talented (mind you they are), but they are really awesome people who go out of their way to support their fellow musicians and even us lowly bloggers.  They even included me with a “Thanks” in the liner notes of Play With Your Toys (which is totally awesome and which I didn’t know before I started on this multi-part review).  I’ll stop with the sentimental (but honestly true) crap…  bottom line. Play With Your Toys is a truly great album.  I know there are tons of people who will fall in love with this band and this music they way I did, and I know that way too many will not take the time to listen.  So, I will keep shouting from the rooftops.

      Meanwhile, there is a whole slew of cool music being made.  So, we will get back to the regular shuffle.  I also have accumulated a pile of music news which I will be disseminating soon: New Albums, Tours, Bands breaking up and changing names, awards and honors and all sorts of stuff you may have missed.

      So… Stack Chips took up a little over half of my walk in this morning, and so I fired up the shuffle mode and skipped around a bit until I came across two songs worthy of closing out this chapter of Ear to the Ground.  Here is the limited (semi-random) shuffle from this morning: 

      How about Brenda Lee’s 1959 single Sweet Nothin’s which was included on her second (self-titled album) in 1960?  The album also produced Lee’s best known song, I’m Sorry.

      And then, well, what can I say? We have The Reverend Horton Heat with Drinkin’ and Smokin’ Cigarettes, the lead track from their tenth studio album 2009’s Laughin’ & Cryin’ with The Reverend Horton Heat Widgets