Thursday Morning Music Non-Shuffle – Toys Mix Pt. 3 of ?

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Guess what?  It’s Valentine’s Day which means it is February 14 which means Play With Your Toys has officially been released.  Now is the time to go grab it.  Actually, we will have the widget at the end of this part of our multi-post review. 

Let’s get right to Part 3…  When we left off, we had heard the tale of Billy Polk…  Wait for the Jump then continue reading…

Track 7: It’s All Wrong is a bone-rattling hard rocking song. It’s prototypical The End Men. “What makes the difference between a dream and a premonition?” Insanely wicked rhythms, loud guitars and Matthew Hendershot’s gloriously gravelly vocals.  Yep, the song may be called It’s All Wrong, but everything about this song is just right.  Yes, I did that!
Track 8: Mental Trapeze could possibly be everything that makes this such a great album distilled into one heavy blues inspired track. Matthew and Livia do not hold back on this one. All toys are employed to great effect, and although I’m sure it’s not the first track she sings on, it’s the first track where I noticed the way their vocals work so perfectly together. As the title suggests this is a wild ride not for the faint of heart.  Word to the wise, before you toss those brownies in the trash, that may not be a fungus which seems to have sprung from the chocolate glaze. There are some amazing blues riffs on this track, but it soars through the stratosphere with the greatest of ease and reaches some dizzying heights. 
Track 9: Play With Your Toys Pt. II brings more toys into the mix and creates an eerily beautiful tableau in just 1:30.
Track 10: Wrong Way Street in the words of my friend Joe Calloway, a world-renown speaker and a guy who has forgotten more musical history than I’ve ever known,“”Wrong Way Street” is stupid good!! This completely rocks.” But, you already knew that didn’t you? In retrospect, this was a great choice as the first release from the album.  It rocks and it’s filled with some amazing hooks.   
Well, well, well… we have just one Track left to preview/review… Stacked Chips is 7:18 and should take up much of my morning walk tomorrow. But…
Now is the time.  Grab hold of your mouse or poise your fingers on your touch pad and prepare to experience first hand the awesomeness that my words have inadequately tried to convey…  The End Men – Play With Your Toys!


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