Monday Monring Music Shuffle – Even Out, Odd Man Mix

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What can I say? Monday… here we go.

Shuffle after the JUMP:

  • “C’est la Vie” by Taco Land from Heart of Texas (2011)

We’ve been a fan and a friend of Taco Land since around the time Heart of Texas was released.  They were a Band of the Week and finished 5th in our 1st ever Band of  the Year Readers poll.  They are hard at work on their new album Pancakes and Pizza and the only report for the band: a cross between Bowie’s “Young Americans” and REM’s “Lives Rich Pageant” Get thee to the band’s Soundcloud page as they are (of late) dropping some of the tracks which didn’t make the cut for the new record.  Today we have one of our favorite “old” Taco Land songs, the stunningly gorgeous “C’est la Vie”

  • “Alligator_Aviator_Autopilot_Antimatter” by R.E.M. off Collapse Into Now (2011)


It would have been really cool if I could have tied the Taco Land quote with something off Lives Rich Pageant, but we have to settle for this rocker from the final studio album from the Athens, Georgia stalwarts. For some reason, my shuffle function has been pushing songs from this album on me.  Maybe it is because I didn’t give  this album the listen it deserved back when it came out??? Collapse Into Now is still not my favorite (or even top 5) R.E.M. albums, but for a band close to 30 years in at this point, it was a good way to go out.

  • “Squirm” by Marla Mase from Speak Deluxe (2013)

Marla Mase is an artist from New York. Her album Speak was released in 2011, and a new Deluxe edition just dropped on February 28.  Back in September, Marla was invited to play in China for UN Global Peace Day.  Her Speak live show which is a multimedia performance concert has been booked for this years Summerstage NYC.  Among the 6 extra songs on the Speak Deluxe includes some work with the great Bill Laswell.   Beyond all of those facts and honors, this record ROCKS.  Squirm is a really cool song, and I hope you check out Marla Mase.

  • “Need” by Dangermaker from Dangermaker EP (2009)

Dangermaker is a San Francisco based Modern Rock band.  I don’t know a whole bunch about this band, but I like this song, and it is a good way to close out our Shuffle for the Morning.


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