Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – Traffic Jammed Mix

Well let’s get to it. Due to an unplanned change in schedule and some wicked traffic patterns, we had an extended set of music for the day…. complaining? who me?

Pre-Shuffle:  “Magic Missiles” by Ghost and Goblin; “Bombs Away”, “Heart U 4 Ever”, and “Lackluster Love” by Kyle Andrews; “For Cowboy” by Hotpipes; “Penny, Things Won’t”, “Turn Me On Dead Man”, “Beach State Rocking”, “Wyoming”, “Kenneth — What’s the Frequency” and “Rayon Drive” by Game Theory; “Merry Go ‘Round” by Kacey Musgraves; “A Story (Written in the Sky)” by The Bongos; “The Rosarito Beach Cafe” by Warren Zevon; and “Summer’s Dead” by Those Darlins. 

Shuffle now… wait for the Jump

  • Something in Common” by Dawes from Stories Don’t End (2013)

California band pickup the California folk rock mantle originated and nurtured by The Eagles and Jackson Browne, and they do it in a thoroughly modern and original way.  No wonder they are one of the hottest band’s around.  Stories Don’t End has been out less than a month.  

  • “Strong” by EndAnd from Mechanic and Energetics of Stilt Running (2013)

The Brooklyn punk band EndAnd who we first caught up with with  their EP The Adventures of Hi-Fi in Space have just dropped (yesterday) the first proper LP. 11 songs clocking in at just about 21 minutes.  Here’s the lowdown, in the words of Vocalist/Guitarist Daniel Fern  “This album is immensely personal and angry. Maybe even schizophrenic, I don’t know. It’s 11 songs and only 21:30 minutes. It’s themes are focused mainly around immigration and being trapped mentally and physically in a situation one does not have control over (I was an illegal immigrant for nearly half my stay in America since I arrived at the age of 12. I’m now 27). Diseases such as chronic muscle tensions, stomach disorders. and cancer. Relationships, loss and mistrust. The loss of my father and grandfather. These are the themes. I’d rather not put one under a microscope.”
  • “God and Me” by Kopecky Family Band from The Disaster (2010)

Like Dawes and EndAnd, Nashville’s own, Kopecky Family Band released a new album in April 2013. Kids Raising Kids is getting some well deserved buzz. Today, though, we look back to the band’s 2010 7 song release called The Disaster (thanks to the poor judgment of some erstwhile Goodwill donator. 

  • “Here It Is Tomorrow” by Game Theory from The Big Shot Chronicles (1986)

We promised to keep some Game Theory in the mix as we headed into this new month, and we didn’t disappoint – This final song of the 20 song Morning Playlist is the 7th by Game Theory in the mix.  It’s a nice piece of pure power pop heaven.


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