Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – Treat Me Like a Bum, Don’t Wear No Tie Mix

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 “Doctor Visit” photo collage by JWM 6/27/13

 Tomorrow is the Fourth of July here in the USA.  For the rest of you, well it’s the Fourth of July, too unless you are across the International Date Line in which case tomorrow is the Fifth of July.  In any event have a great Fourth (or Fifth) of July.

Today’s music next


“Wonder No More” by Bronze Radio Return (Indie Roots Rock from Connecticut)

“Ranting Prophet” by The Gabriel Construct (We continue our song by song extended review of the phenomenal Interior City album. The progressive/jazz/classical riffs with Gabriel’s incredible vocal embellishments make this an irresistibly complex and powerful collection of music.)

“Cherry Tree” by The Blind Owl Band (These CXCW alums from New York state are getting ready to release their brand new 12-song release. ‘The Train We Ride is Made of Wood and Steel’ is due out July 10. Today we feature a song from that album – the first of many.  The makes modern music using traditional instruments, and they are a whole lot of fun.  If you’re a fan of Imperial Rooster and/or Black Jake and the Carnies, you will probably like this band.  If you dig traditional bluegrass and old timey Country music, you will probably like this band.  If you dig good music, well played, you will probably like this band.  You will probably like this band.  h/t to Popa Tunes – as per usual)

“Project” by Canopy Climbers  (we continue to feature songs from this Arkansas/Tennessee band who recently released their latest album Miles.  Great sounding Indie/Pop)

“Waitress in the Sky” by The Replacements (hum this song the next time you get bad service on a flight.)

“The Fold” by Ivan and Alyosha (More good stuff from this Washington State band)

“Holly” by The Great American Novel (we continue to get hyped for the new album from this incredibly awesome New York band)


“Planet Telex” (live) by Radiohead from PASTE.COM Presents: Radiohead Live at Tramps June 1, 1995 (2013)

Another track from this recently released set brought to you by and It’s Free but 100% of “Tips” go to Amnesty International

“A Grief Observed” by Heath McNease from The Weight of Glory: Second Edition (A Hip Hop Remix Inspired by the Works of CS Lewis) (2013)

Some powerful lyrics and some wicked beats. It’s also available via

“Cretin Hop” by Ramones from Rocket to Russia (1977)

It’s been a blast having a Ramones’ song or two in the shuffle almost every day.

“Layne Montgomery is Bad at Girls” by The Great American Novel from Kissing (2012)

A first. I’ve been posting Morning Shuffles since before Ear to the Ground came into existence. It began as Facebook status updates when I listened to a particularly cool mix of music. Some where along the way, it became a daily thing and eventually transferred to the blog when I started writing it.  During that time, I have had numerous occasions to feature songs by people on my Facebook Friends List (including irl friends, musical heroes kind enough to accept my friend request, and new friends I’ve made via the blog). However, today (to my knowledge), we feature the first song whose title includes the name of one of my Facebook friends.  Bonus: Layne Montgomery’s mother was a top ten finalist in Nick @ Nite’s Funniest Mom in America Contest. As for the song, it’s either deeply revealing or self-deprecating or both. Whatever, it’s typically killer stuff from this amazing band.



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