E2TG Presents: The Grimm Generation – The Big Fame – Review Vol. 1

“Great Rock and Roll record define the time they were made. Welcome to 2013.”
I can’t remember when I first came across the music of The Grimm Generation. I think maybe another band I follow mentioned them.  I do remember hearing “Sometimes I Subtle (Sometimes I’m Drunk), and I remember thinking, “Wow, this is music everyone should hear”, and at  the same time thinking, “I feel like I already know this music.”.  I later had the opportunity to do a brief e-mail interview with the band, and it began to make sense.
You see, and what has recently begun to gel in my mind is that The Grimm Generation make the music I would make if I made music (and if I was talented).  We come from the same place age and influence-wise (and perhaps experience-wise as well), and so – although I do like have very diverse tastes in music – The Grimm Generation manages to hit all the right spots in my psyche, and thus, as word began to build about a new album I couldn’t help but be excited.

Another reason I identify so strongly with this band is their audaciousness reach for something bigger – thus the quote from above which comes from the band’s Facebook page – about The Big Fame.
The Big Fame is 13 songs.   Today, we cover the first 6 songs.  I haven’t decided yet if this will be a track by track review or just a non-linear overview.  It will be what it will be, and it shall come to reveal itself soon.

I’ve heard the whole album so there will likely be references to other songs in this review, however, the songs I listened to this morning were:

1. Earthquake, Hurricane, Flood and You

2. The Next Indie Boy

3.Dizzy in my Hips Swinging

4. House Drinks

5. Miller, Don’t You Even Care?

6.  Until Then

*Side note, songs 3 and 4 are switched on my CD cover which means this bad boy’s gonna be worth a fortune some day!

The Grimm Generation have been described as “Music for the morning after”.   To me, songs like “The Next Indie Boy” and “Dizzy in my Hips Swinging” are the soundtrack to a party that seems to be constantly on the verge of going completely off the tracks in the best possible way. 

At times, I was reminded of that feeling one gets as dawn is beginning to break after an all-nighter, and you are at once still drunk and beginning to have a hangover, and you can’t quite decide if you want to go somewhere and crash or just have another drink… and you are standing in someone’s backyard surrounded by dear friends or total strangers or else you are alone, and this music is playing from somewhere in the distance and you just want to laugh or cry or maybe just puke….

Not that I know anything about any of that, but that’s what this music brings to my mind.

It’s about the right relationship with the wrong person, or the wrong relationship with the right person. It’s about waking up alone and not knowing where they went or who they are.

This is music for our time, our generation as we struggle through this mystery doing the best we can.  It’s also about sex and murder and the music machine and love and art and truth. Mostly, it’s about The Big Fame which happens to be the name of the album.  There is a strange mixture of optimism and resignation inherent in this music, and that strange mixture as much as anything else may be the defining characteristic of this Grimm Generation.

So, I tip my hat to Jason Krug  and Carmen Champagne and company for making this bold statement and for kicking so much ass musically and lyrically.  I don’t know much about how one achieves The Big Fame, or if it is even something one should strive to obtain, but I do know I want as many people as possible to hear this music.

Alas, I’ve run my course for today.  Tune in tomorrow same place and close to the same time when we present the next Volume of our review.


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Friday Morning Music Shuffle – The Simple Joys Mix

I have to be very quick…. Please take a moment to check out all of our great artists

“A Good Man Know” by Black Jake and the Carnies

“Subway Dwellers” by The Gabriel Construct

“All the While” by James Crawford (from his forthcoming self-titled album)

“Mental Trapeze” by The End Men

“Remedy” by False-Heads

“Queen of Imperfection” by Marla Mase

“Whenever You Call” by McNary

“Ravens in the Night” by The Britanys

“Angel of Mercy” by Mark Robinson

“Vaya” by EdTang

“Bela” by McNary

“July” by Prattle On, Rick

“Sleepwalk” by Mark Robinson

“The Final Thread” by The Danbury Lie

“The Letter” by The Box Tops

“House of Love” by Susan James




Thursday Morning Music Shuffle – Rock Light Drive Mix

Short on time today  – The Shuffle is after the JUMP

Good stuff follows!

“Rock and Roll Eyes” by Centro-Matic  (I want to take this opportunity to let you know that the Vol. 2 for Nuci’s Space presented by Country Fried Rock is out and ready for your purchase via Bandcamp – $5.00 or MORE  emphasis on the MORE. It’s a great cause and some great music has been donated for this effort. Including a song by Centro-Matic – which made this a great segue.)

“Light On” by Bad Cop  (If I’m not mistaken. Bad Cop are doing a free in-store at The Groove in East Nashville on Saturday.  You may or may not remember that Bad Cop were a featured artist on E2TG about a year ago.  Adam of Bad Cop is the founder of Jeffery Drag Records)

“Driving Toward the Sun” by Susan James (The title track to one of favorite albums of 2013)

“Dream Lover” by Big Star (a bonus track from the 1990s era reissue)

“Your Arrows” by Milktooth (another Nashville band that we’ve recently become acquainted with.  Check them out!)

“Whiskey Dreams” and “I’ll Figure You Out” by Wild Child  (A pair of songs from the album Pillow Talk by this fine Austin band.)

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Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – A Little Poison Mix

Things are hopping.  Music is being made and released and for a part-time, amateur music blogger, it can be a bit overwhelming… but in the best way possible.  I can only say if you’ve sent me music in the past few weeks; I beg patience, and I promise –  I’m listening and will be posting soon…..

Today we have a mix of music to delight and inspire – but that is every day, but today is especially delightful and inspiring, but so is every day. Ah hell, comparisons are stupid. We have a great mix of music, and so, let us leave it at that.


“Wrong Way Street” by The End Men (Matthew and Livia are currently tearing it up through the European continent – from the picture there have been some amazingly cool shows including at least one with people juggling fire.)

“Rock and Roll is Dead” by Killing Kuddles  (From Odd Man Out. Killing Kuddles is spectacularly awesome, and I really want everyone to know it.  Check it out!)

“Good Soldiers” by Glory! (Some rockin’ reggae from the Gulf coast of Alabama. Positive vibes and groovy beats, y’all)

“I’ll Be Coming Home” by Brad Jones (Nashville-based singer songwriter who we have been featuring for the past couple of months)

“Wanting Peace” by The Coal Men (I saw and met chief Coal Man, Dave Coleman, last week at the 5 Spot where he did a solo set.  The solo set blew me away, and as I dig into this album – one of the ones I alluded to at the opening of this post, I continue to be impressed.  Expect much more on this in the days and weeks to come)

“The Ballad of Souls Departed” by The Dexateens (from Singlewide.  In the wake of the bands impressive showing at this past weekend’s Americanarama event, I’ve been loading up my playlist Dexateens music.  They have a brand new EP called Sunsphere which dropped today.)

“Poison” by Grayson Capps (This is one of the songs that Willie Sugarcapps did at Americanarama, and I had to get this added into my playlist. A spicy gumbo of New Orleans meets Nashville. Just the way I like it!)

“Dancing in the Bulrushes” by Jim Testa (from the Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen: Section 4 compilation)

“Manifesto No. 4” by Shooter Jennings (from Family Man.  Waylon’s boy done good)

“Weatherman” by Stoll Vaughn (I dig this. According to his website, Stoll Vaughn is a Kentucky born singer/songwriter and the co-founder of a Los Angeles based artist development company)

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Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – Such an Icy Feeling Mix

After a busy and pretty awesome weekend, I’m easing back into the a busy and pretty hectic week. 

We have a pretty cool mix of music today and I don’t want to waste any time….

So without much more ado, E2TG is proud to present…. Today’s Shuffle!  After the JUMP

I had to go out last night, and it was such an amazingly crisp cool evening, I decided to begin the Shuffle early…


“Leather and Lace” Stevie Nicks and Don Henley (Okay, I’m not the world’s biggest Don Henley fan, but I’ve always loved this song. I remember this all to well from my teenaged years.)

“Flowers in my Garden” by Johnny Flynn

“November” by prattle on, rick (This is from his A Decade Begins album, an album of songs – one for each month.  An exclusive to members of his mailing list. And – for one week only, you grab a free download of the brand new prattle on, rick album Some Quiet Majesty when you sign up for the mailing list.  Go HERE)

“Two Yous” by Let’s Active (This one has always been a favorite.)

“Little Caney” by Glossary (A cool rock band from Middle Tennessee. This song is from their 2007 album, The Better Angels of Our Nature)

“Shadowplay (live)” by Joy Division (from Live at Leigh Rock Festival ’79)

“Take Care” by Big Star

“Vanilla Dome” by Alvin Band (from their Rainbow Road album)

“Stephanie Says” by Lee Ranaldo (a cover of a Velvet Underground song first officially released on the 1985 album V.U. – which served as my introduction to the Velvet Underground.)

“Payday Giveaway” by Mark Robinson (a track from Robinson’s debut release Quit Your Job – Play Guitar.)

“Take Me Down” by The Howlin’ Brothers (from their The Sun Studio Sessions)

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Monday Morning Music Shuffle – Mixed Up Kid Mix

Very quickly…

Does it make me old that I still sometimes think of Infidels as a recent Bob Dylan album?  On second thought don’t answer that.  Anyway, we start today with “Jokerman” by Dylan

“Never Loved You” by Nava Hotel – some awesome ROCK from Nashville

“Run Away West” by Holidaysburg (A Florida Rock n Roll band that existed from 2004 to 2008)

“In the Rain” by The Danbury Lie (One of our favorite albums released this year.  I still don’t know the name of the album… is it “?” or the weird name that Amazon has listed?  Maybe they will tell me…)

“Tears Won’t Help” by Steve Wynn and the Dragon Bridge Orchestra (Live in Brussels.  A newer recording of a song from Wynn’s 1990 solo debut Kerosene Man.  I got to see Steve Wynn live during a tour sponsored by Ben and Jerry’s and also featuring Exene and Gregson and Collister. I kind of dig everything Wynn has done – from Dream Syndicate to Danny and Dusty to Baseball Project to his solo work.)

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E2TG at Americanarama VI 9/21/2013

Grimey’s know how to through a party.  Their annual Record Store Day event is always awesome, and Saturday wasthe sixth installment of the original Americanarama – a free day of music in the middle of the Americana Music Association Conference.

Grimey’s which began in a small shop in the Berry Hill section of Nashville and blossomed into one of the best and most respected record stores in the world. They are a magnet for musicians and music lovers.  Metallica recorded a secret show at The Basement located below the shop but named the ensuing record “Live at Grimey’s”.  Just about every cool band that comes through town, does an in-store at Grimey’s.  In addition, they are champions of many of the great up and coming bands.

Believe it or not, this was the first year that I was able to make it out for Americanarama, and I think I picked a good year.

The day began with The Reneaus who are either from Bowling Green, Kentucky or Nashville depending on who you ask.  Regardless, I was not familiar with The Reneaus for this performance, but I now consider myself a fan. 

Steelism were next, and although I was already familiar with them, this was the first chance I had to see them live. Steelism is the brain-child of Spencer Cullen Jr. and Jeremy Fetzer (Caitlin Rose).  They have an amazingly original sound. Fronted by a Pedal Steel Guitar and featuring two drummers… favorite quote of the day, “I’m still hung over and the stage is leaning…”

Next up were The Dexateens. I’ve liked their music for a long time, but seeing them perform live was revelatory. I now count myself as a huge Dexateens fan. This was one of the most fun and energetic shows I’ve seen in a fair bit of time. The band’s extensive and entertaining bio on Facebook mentions that they began as a punk band, and this spirit shows through.

After The Dexateens set, I decided to go inside to Howlin’ Books and Grimey’s, Too, and then I grabbed some lunch from Mas Tacos. Somehow,  I made it back in time to introduce myself to a couple of The Dexateens and then to see Daughter play their set.  I had ever heard of Daughter, but they have almost 300,000 likes on Facebook. They are from the UK.  They played a stripped down set due to their regular instruments already being at the Exit/In where they were playing that night. They had a awesome atmospheric, moody sound which I really liked.  Quite a transition from The Dexateens, but it was good.  After their set, they were surrounded by hordes of young people (and by young people, I mean people younger than me which was I guess about half the crowd – give or take a few dozen).

Next up was T. Hardy Morris who is in the band Dead Confederate. We’ve played a few songs from his solo album Audition Tape, so it was good to see him live. I enjoyed the music, and I’m not sure if it’s a persona or a personality but there was a bit of aloofness which I found a bit off-putting. Maybe especially after the complete openness of The Dexateens. But, I do know it’s dangerous to compare bands, and like I said, the music was great.

Next up was The Autumn Defense featuring John Stirratt and Pat Sansone of Wilco. This was just some amazingly glorious music. Some delicious melodies and classic sounding vocals.  Just brilliant. The inclusion of The Troggs classic Love is All Around Me underscored the classic sound that this band has captured.

Next up was one of most anticipated sets of the day.  British Folk/Punk legend Billy Bragg took the small, slightly sloped stage and for about thirty minutes spoke truth and held court. After playing a few songs from his latest album including a Woody Guthrie cover which he introduced by referencing the brilliant Mermaid Avenue albums and acknowledging the presence of John Stirratt who along with the rest of Wilco played on those records, Bragg acknowledged that it was the 30th Anniversary of the release of his first album, Life’s a Riot With Spy Vs. Spy.  He said since the album was only 17 minutes long it was not worth renting out the Ryman or hiring symphony and that he could play the whole album as an encore and that he actually had enough time left to play it, and thus he launched into a blistering song by song cover of that masterpiece.  There was a palpable energy running through the crowd.   

After Billy Bragg headed inside to sign autographs and meet and greet, the ones of us who remained heard a couple of songs from the soon to be released High Cotton: A Tribute to Alabama. T. Hardy Morris came back from a ragged yet somehow brilliant version of the title track, and then the always amazing Amanda Shires (joined by Rod Piccott) performed her contribution to the record as well as one song from her new album.  To be honest, I expected more from this set, but hey, I got a free t-shirt and seeing Amanda Shires perform is always a plus.

As the sun began to descend, the crowd thinned a bit, which is a shame because those who left, missed out on the final set of the day. Willie Sugarcapps is the new project (supergroup really) featuring Will Kimbrough, Greyson Capps, Sugarcane Jane, and Corky Hughes. They play a break amalgam of traditional music from the South. Folk, Blues, Country,  what have you, and they have a whole lot of fun doing it.  I’ve been a Will Kimbrough fan since his days leading the Bushmen, and I thoroughly  enjoyed this set.  Their new album is out now. Check it.


It was truly a great day of great music. Special thanks to all the staff of Grimey’s for putting this thing on. And a shout out to Sandy – a long time Billy Bragg fan for buying me a beer.

Stay tuned for a quick run down of our normal shuffle in a bit…

I created a You Tube Playlist to commemorate the day…