Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – Skylab is Falling Mix


The week rolls along.  Today we have a six song mix of songs to brighten and lighten your day…


“Daphne and Apollo” by Odetta Hartman  (Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen is a recording studio, music collective, and record label located in Brooklyn, NY. The new album from The Great American Novel came out of Mama Coco’s.  Today’s song by NYC based Odetta Hartman comes from a brand new 23 song compilation which was released by Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen yesterday.  Link – HERE. I dig this song.)

“Kangaroo” by Big Star (spelled Kanga Roo on some releases. “Like Saint Joan

Doing a cool jerk  Oh, I want you Like a kanga roo“)
“Sweet Cream Ladies, Forward March” by The Box Tops (once again, the magical, mystery shuffle has paired Big Star with The Box Tops for a double shot of Alex Chilton. I am soooo fine with this.)
“Dirty Gypsy Soul” by McNary (Our second day in a row with a song from this talented Nashville folk singer/songwriter)
“Tiger Nights” by The Bongos (in honor of the forthcoming NEW ALBUM by this legendary New Jersey band, we’ve been adding some older songs including this one from Numbers With Wings)
“The Mourning, The Silver, The Bell” by Timothy Seth Avett as Darling (from Seth Avett’s third solo album – released in 2006)
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 Today’s Video Playlist

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