Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – Random Words Go Here Mix

We have a jam-packed rest of the week ahead of us, so we are going to jump right into today’s Shuffle

After the JUMP

Downs” by Big Star (This song was not on the original PVC issue of Third/Sister Lovers, however it was on the Test Pressing and was restored on most later releases including the 1992 Rykodisc release which Jim Dickinson considered the definitive version.)

“Let Me Down” by Arc and Stones (A Brooklyn rock band)

“Day Dreamer” by Wild Child (from Pillow Talk – the band is getting ready to release their second record and have made the first this – their first – available for free (TIP PLEASE) on Noisetrade.


“Dear Alice” by The Dirty Guv’nahs (more from Somewhere Beneath These Southern Skies)

“It Doesn’t Matter Anymore by Linda Ronstadt (written by Paul Anka and originally recorded by Buddy Holly)

“I’ll Never Know” by Nava Hotel (from Never Loved You.  Some Loud Ass Rock from Nashville, Tennessee)

“Camilla” by Swaai Boys (another song from the Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen compilation.  Some groovy world music vibes from New York City).

Today’s Video Playlist (powered by You Tube)


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