E2TG Presents: The Grimm Generation – The Big Fame – Review Vol. 2

For Vol. 1 of this review –   GO HERE


For Vol 2. – Jump with me

When considering how to present the songs from The Grimm Generation’s next CD ‘The Big Fame’ in a live setting, an odd bit of magic and luck presented itself: they were introduced to the President of The Vintage Radio & Communication Museum of CT who were considering a concert series. The recent experience of making a real ‘film noir’ video for ‘Blink, I’m Gone’ coupled with the classic radio elements already taking root in The Grimm Generation’s new material (based on dramatics and dynamics, all rooted in Carmen Champagne’s slow sultry drawl) caused Carmen and Jason to think bigger, expanding the death of ‘Asher’ into a full blown noir musical. Ginger Miller plays the role of the narrator, who fills the performance with real tension, as she uncovers more about her ill-fated love and his head long path into oblivion.
Coming to your town soon, The Grimm Generation is bringing ‘The Big Fame Radio Hour’, a pairing of modern sounds and radio noir drama, as part of the release of their upcoming CD ‘The Big Fame’.


The thing I love and identify most with The Grimm Generation is the constant striving for something creatively bigger.  Sometimes, I think I would be better off settling for something smaller and simpler. Regardless, this drive to push forward and try something new, is an inherent quality. For me, this drive often struggles against the equally inherent inertia of  our age. Within the struggle lies the tension and tension makes a tangle… or something.

Here’s the remaining songs on The Big Fame:

7.  Quiet (St. Francis)

8. Road to Joy

9.  Real Bad Voodoo

10. Wreck of My Bed

11. Eye of Tranquility

12. Bigger Than

13. The Big Fame

The second part of The Big Fame (and please understand this division is mine alone due to time constraints) features a bit more Twang – both in Jason Krug’s guitar and in Carmen Champagne’s voice.  Being from Nashville, I know good Twang when I hear it, and this is some excellent Twang.

Let’s just keep it simple.  I think I said most of what I needed to say about this record yesterday. Here’s the bottom line.  With The Big Fame, The Grimm Generation have stepped up and produced a defining record of our times.  How appropriate, as we live through these dark and broken times, that we have this wonderful album filled with songs of darkness and brokenness.

What are we to do with this place where we find ourselves? Perhaps we just need to keep walking, limping, crawling, and dancing our way down the “Road to Joy”.  Perhaps…


The conclusion I’ve reached is that I absolutely love this record, and that I want to do what I can to spread the word. 

Here is one place you can buy it.  Also, go visit The Grimm Generation Website
Also go like The Grimm Generation on Facebook, Follow them on Twitter, and Subscribe to them on YouTube.


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