Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – Invitation to Robbery Mix

As you may or may not know, I create a playlist and let the Shuffle function determine the mix which I call my Morning Shuffle. Am I sometimes tempted to take control and create the mix myself? Sure. But, what I like about the Shuffle mode is the way randomness tends to parallel real life.  Sometimes there seem to be patterns – like last week’s day of several animal themed tracks in a row. Sometimes – like today – there is no discernible pattern. Just a collection of cool songs – old and new in a variety of styles and moods. You know kind of like life….

Today’s shuffle emerges – after the JUMP

“Back in the Saddle” by Mark Robinson (from Quit Your Job – Play Guitar.  This is top-notch Music City Blues from one of our favorite artists.)

“Safe European Home” by The Clash (from Give ’em Enough Rope. One of my favorite Clash songs. A classic.)

“Stay True” by Moovalya (from Moovalya. One of the most recent “discoveries”. Moovalya have a high energy punk/metal sound. They are from Phoenix. )

“You Ain’t Alone” by Alabama Shakes (This song is included on a recent ATO Fall Sampler which I  grabbed off of Noisetrade.  It is a track on the Athens, Alabama band’s break-through album, Boys and Girls.)

“I’ll Be Gone” by The Black Clouds (from Better Days.  This New Jersey Grungy/punk band came onto my radar earlier this year.  I featured several songs from this album earlier in the year, but it’s been a little while since they appeared in a shuffle.  It’s good to have the reminder of how much I dig their music.  Check ’em out)

“Scream (reprise)” by Marla Mase (from the Speak Deluxe album.  A nice way to end today’s shuffle – a reprise of the outstanding song Scream.  Marla Mase is another artist to come to my attention in 2013, and she is one of the most creative and original artists I have ever come across.  If you haven’t – check out her music.)

Watch today’s Video Playlist


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