Monday Morning Music Shuffle – Linger On Mix

Lou Reed (1942-2013)
It is impossible for me to say with any degree of certainty that Ear 2 the Ground would not exist if it weren’t for Lou Reed.  But, what I can say with absolute certainty is that it would not be the same. The simple but truthful reason is that music would not be the same.  Walk on, linger on…

“The Seven Seas” by Elephant Stone (from The Seven Seas. Indian-inspired Psychedelic Rock from Montreal, Canada.)
“I Can’t Stop Loving You” by Joseph Mooradian (via Soundcloud.  A cool cover of the Don Gibson penned classic made famous by the late great Ray Charles.)
“Young Girls” by Black Joe Lewis (from Noisetrade Eastside Manor Session.  Another Eastside Manor recording of a song from Electric Slave)
“I Think We’re Alone Now” by Screeching Weasel (from the 1995 Compilation Kill the Musicians.  A rip roaring cover of the Tommy James and the Shondells song which many of my generation knows from the 1987 version my Tiffany. Come to think of it – this may be a cover of the Tiffany version. I’m not really sure.)
“Rock ‘N’ Roll Suicide” by David Bowie (from Ziggy Stardust. Good to have David Bowie in the shuffle.  Ziggy was released in 1972 – the same year that Bowie along with Mick Ronson produced Lou Reed’s second solo album Transformer.)
“Fearless” by Gerald Collier (from Gerald Collier. A Pink Floyd cover – and the third cover in this Shuffle – from the Singer-Songwriter Collier’s self-titled 1998 album.)


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