Filled Up at The Fillin’ Station

As a direct result of writing this blog, I have been fortunate to meet some incredible people….

Last night, I made the short drive from Nashville west down I-40 to Kingston Springs home of an awesome bar called The Fillin’ Station which hosts a weekly Performing Writer Showcase

More after the jump….

On the bill was #E2TG favorite Marla Mase – making her first Nashville appearance.  She was accompanied by Tomas Doncker who heads up Mase’s label True Groove Records and who is an amazing artist in his own right.  It was so awesome meeting the two of them after “talking” on the internet. 

The Showcase is hosted by Cathy Kent and David Gordon Tygart who opened the show with a few of their own songs.  Great music and bad jokes about drummers made me realize I was in the right place.

Next up was Sonny Reneau joined by Steve Payne (who met on the set of the television show Nashville) and by Erica Sunshine Lee.  I have one of the songs which was played last night by the three of them in Video Playlist posted at the end of this post.

Templeton Thompson was next.  She played some really cool songs about Horses.

Doc Holladay was the next to last performer.  He has a amazing larger than life presence and writes some incredibly great songs.  I was just reading his Facebook page, and he is hilarious.  Check him out.

Last on the bill was the aforementioned Marla Mase and Tomas Doncker who performed some tracks from Mase’s most recent album – Half Life including the title track, one of my favorites from her Speak album “Dance the Tango” and her song “Piece of Peace” which was written for her invitation to play in China as part of the UN’s Global Peace Day celebration (I may have the name of the event wrong but I couldn’t find it quickly enough and have to finish this post).  It was so cool hearing this songs come to life. 

I went home with a great experience and a handful of True Groove CDs to peruse. I listened to Tomas’ album Power of the Trinity album this morning and it made a hectic commute down right groovy. 

I also wanted to give a heads up that Marla and Tomas along with the whole True Groove Records family will be playing a special show at the The Cutting Room in NYC on March 11.  Here are details for my New York readers.  I understand the show will be live streamed on-line for us who aren’t in New York.  Check out the True Groove website (linked above) for details.  The show will feature No Wave/Punk legend James Chance.

I’ve created a little You Tube Playlist featuring the artists mentioned into today’s post.  Take some time give a spin and go support the music you dig.

For my Nashville readers, some Wednesday night really soon make the short drive to Kingston Springs to check out the Performing Writers Showcase at The Fillin’ Station.

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