Monday Morning Music Shuffle – Mister Jarmusch Mix

The first of only three shuffles this week before I head off for Thanksgiving.  We have to cover as much ground as we can in a short time… We begin with a relatively short (7 song) shuffle that manages to cover a wide range – geographically, musically, lyrically, and thematically.

“Weather Pattern” by Frazey Ford from Frazey Ford Five EP/Indian Ocean

From Vancouver comes Frazee Ford with a unique blend of Folk/Country/Soul… coincidently, my commute this morning had some interesting weather patterns… after a rainy night, the morning began with an odd yellowish sunlit sky with some gray clouds and even a hint of a rainbow. Then, there was a brief rain shower, followed by clearing skies and more sunshine. All this is the course of these seven songs.

“5-22-02” by Golden Smog from Another Fine Day

From Minneapolis comes the Alt-whatever supergroup featuring members of Run Westy Run, The Jayhawks, Soul Asylum, and Big Star among others.

“Hey, Can I Sleep on Your Futon” by Richard Barone from Occupy This Album

From NYC by way of Tampa, Florida comes The Bongos’ Richard Barone with his contribution to the Occupy This Album project. Although the Occupy Movement had a relatively short life in the public consciousness, the problems they exposed are still present and still should be a source of national shame regardless of party affiliation. Barone captures a very real issue in a catchy and powerful song.

“Casualties” by American Aquarium from Burn. Flicker. Die

Hailing from Raleigh, North Carolina comes American Aquarium with another stand out track from their latest album.  The band’s next album, Wolves, will be released in early February 2015. We are all casualties of Rock and Roll.

“We Come From the Same Place” by Allo Darlin’ from We Come From the Same Place

From London by way of Australia and Kent, England comes Allo Darlin’ with the title track from their latest album which was released last month.  I really did the sound and the evocative lyrics.

“Mister Jarmusch” by Le Grand Escroc from Portraits

Contributing greatly to the diversity of this shuffle, we have this jazzy track from a fascinating album out of Tokyo. Portraits contains ten musical tributes to “Misters” and “Monsieurs”. Le Grand Escroc is the assumed name of Makoto Miura –  DJ and producer.  Having been on a bit of Jarmusch kick of late, I feel qualified to say this musical tribute is fitting as well as fun. 

“Six Pack on the Dashboard” by The Jayhawks from The Jayhawks (aka The Bunkhouse Album)

Despite trying to be diverse, sometimes it is good to have some continuity to fall back on… so, we have Gary Louris making his second appearance in today’s shuffle with his band The Jayhawks from their very first album (1986). Although not politically or legally correct, Six Pack on the Dashboard is a damn fine song and a great way to close out today’s shuffle.

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