Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – Carry the Day Mix

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In just nine songs, with just seven different artists represented, we manage to cover a pretty wide range of styles today….  and even spread some Christmas…. er… cheer?????

“Sophia” by Hugh Trimble from neighborpoem

There  is a distinct possibility I posted this song before the recent Playlist Deletion of 2014.  If I did, I do not apologize for the repeat.  This is a damn good song, and there is a good chance you or someone you love missed this the first time.  – No video for this song, so we found a video of Hugh Trimble busking “Me and Bobby McGee”.  Trimble’s music (including his recently released album Another Ghost to Sleep) can be found on his Bandcamp page.

“The Turtle Dove” by Salli Terri from Rare Female Vocal Tracks

Salli Terri was a Canadian-born vocalist who died in 1996 at the age of 73.  She had a remarkable vocal range and style.  I came across her name in a post on the Peacefork blog which is run by Patrick and Justus of Valued Customer.  Their post was in reference to her work with guitarist Laurindo Almeida.

“Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis” by Tom Waits from Lit Up Like a Christmas Tree – A Vintage Holiday Mixtape/ Blue Valentine

Almost just in time for Tom Wait’s birthday this past Sunday and the East Nashville Tom Waits’ celebration this past Saturday, and in the spirit of the season (or whatever) comes Mr. Waits’ 1978 Christmas song.  

“Sold for Fire” by Hugh Trimble from neighborpoem

Song #2 from neighborpoem is a surprising dense and powerful track. Very different in sound and style from Sophia.

“I Knew She Would” by Ron Muga from Wonderful Doom

New York City singer/songwriter Ron Muga is up next with one of my favorite tracks from his Wonderful Doom album. 

“Dog Wood Run” by Hugh Trimble from neighborpoem

#3 from Hugh Trimble takes on a bluesy style.  It is always a good sign for me when I hear three songs from the same album which I like and which are all very different from each other.

“Come Carry the Day” by Henry Threadgill from Carry the Day

Another track we have to credit to peacefork/Valued Customer.  Henry Threadgill is an American avant garde/jazz composer.  This track is from his 1995 album with his ensemble Very Very Circus.  There is latin percussion and all sorts of other things going on here.  I quite like this, but I’m a little strange sometimes.  This may not be for everyone, but everyone doesn’t read Ear to the Ground.

“Here It is Christmas” by Red Sovine from Lit Up Like a Christmas Tree – A Vintage Holiday Mixtape/ Christmas with Red Sovine   window.amznpubstudioTag = “eartothegro00-20”;     

The comment on the YouTube clip calls this the most depressing Christmas song ever. I don’t know about this, but Red Sovine – perhaps best known for the Trucker song “Teddy Bear” gets real and breaks down in tears at the end, so maybe the YouTube commentator is on to something.

“Christmas Spirit” by The Wailers from Lit Up Like a Christmas Tree – A Vintage Holiday Mixtapehttp://ps-us.amazon-adsystem.com/domains/eartothegro00-20_3dcd3a52-1a1a-4afe-a2fd-aaba8e251afc.js / Merry Christmas – Sonics, Wailers, Galaxies

First off, this is the not The Wailers as in Bob Marley’s band.  This is a 1950s-1960s garage band from Tacoma, Washington.  It’s sort, sweet, and pretty damn good.  I have to give a shout out to David Horton/Popa Tunes for sending this Mixtape my way and helping to keep us in the Holiday spirit(s) all season long. 



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