Thursday Morning Music Shuffle – Snow Day Live Mix

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Off work today –  I thought I would semi-live blog today’s shuffle….

Numerologists will note that before today’s shuffle, my active playlist stands at six hundred sixty six.  Make of that what you will, but beside any other connotations, the playlist is a large as it has ever been, and I hope it generates an interesting mix of music.  I don’t know if it will, but I have high hopes because I know the songs that make up the playlist.  I just don’t yet know the order they will come out… so without further ado…  let’s get ready to shuffle…

 Song # 1 – “If Money Talks” by Jason and the Scorchers

From Lost and Found – 1985.  If money did the talking, I’d be all ears…

Song # 2 – “Heartbeat” by Kopecky Family Band

Another Nashville band… this one is from Kids Raising Kids – 2012.  They are now known as just Kopecky if you are keeping score at home.  Groovy indie pop music…

Song # 3 – “Ain’t That Easy” by D’Angelo and the Vanguard

From Black Messiah – 2014 – Taking things down a soulful path… from one of the best records of the year (even if it was released at the tail end of last year… what’s a calendar anyway?

Song # 4 – “Johnny Commando” by The Satisfactors

From the self titled debut – 2015 of this New Jersey supergroup comes this tribute to Johnny Ramone.  A very fitting tribute…

Song # 5 – “Heroin Vietnam” by A Color Engine

Yesterday, we had some early music from an E2TG favorite in the form of Burning Bridges some early music by the enigmatic genius behind The Danbury Lie.  So, in that vein, we have some early music from another E2TG favorite and coincidentally? a friend of said enigmatic genius – Don Ryan.  The album is called Voyage Underwater; 56 Knots and it was made in 2007 or so.  You can read about the album and project here. This track is a mere 38 seconds, so I actually had to pause the shuffle to get this posted.  So let us continue…

Song # 6 – “Public Void” by Mothers

From Panamanian Times – 2014… some punky, jazzy vibes from this Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen band…  looking for new music from them soon…

Song # 7 – “No Need to Wave” by Artur U and the New City Limits

From Holiday From Eternity – 2015…  This alternative band is from Helsinki, Finland.  They just released their debut album.  Oddly enough, they already have a connection of sorts to Ear to the Ground – as their steel guitar player has played with Bill Laswell and James Chance both of whom are connected to my New York True Groove friends Marla Mase and Tomas Doncker.

Song #8 – “Blood” by Jeremy Gluck and Robert Coyne

Another great song from Memory Deluxe – I Knew Buffalo Bill 2 – 2014…

Song #9 – “Get Up, Get Up” by Tim Lee 3

After some global travels, the shuffle brings us back to Tennessee with my friends from Knoxville off their album  Live From Armory Sound: Boston – 2015.  The song was first released on Tim Lee’s solo album Concrete Dog – 2004.

Song #10 – “Driva Man” by Alabama Shakes

From the Soundtrack to the film 12 Years a Slave – 2013.  A cover of a Max Roach song.  Alabama Shakes follow up to their break through debut Boys and Girls is due out in April, and they recently delivered a highly praised performance on SNL.

More than likely, I’ll be back with a regular shuffle tomorrow, but I hope you enjoyed this “Live” blogging experiment as much as I did… although in retrospect it probably reads much like other shuffles.. oh well, I had fun…..


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