Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – Eminence Front Mix

  For many this will be a day of remembering. I remember. 11 years ago, and what I remember most is the feelings I had.  Not after, but during. I remember how beautiful it was that day not only in New York, but here in Nashville.  And, the eerie, frighteningly quiet sense of not knowing what was going to happen next.  Rumors flying. The truth of devastating enough. That is what I remember.  Where are we now? 11 years of war, the inconveniences of this new world order of scanners and searches and putting shampoo in little bitty bottles. And yes, time has moved on since that day, and we get on with our lives and yes there are reminders but in time even those seemingly permanent reminders become so normal. 

So today is a day to remember and to look ahead and move forward.  Fear is a natural reaction to such tragedy, but in the long run, fear is not what needs to guide us. The deaths in New York, Pennsylvania and Washington that day…we pause, we remember and we go on for them.  The lives lost since that day, Americans, Iraqis, Afghans and others… we pause, we remember, and we go on…



Let’s get to our Shuffle for the day:

First up is I’m Sorry which was a #1 hit song in 1960 for a then fifteen year old singer Brenda Lee. It was originally intended to be a B-side, but became Brenda Lee’s biggest hit.


This song always reminds me of this Marshall Crenshaw version of a Ben Vaughn song

Next up we have a fresh new track from Staten Island based Cymbals Eat Guitars.  It’s called Hawk Highway and it is produced by John Agnello who worked with the band on their last album Lenses Alien.  I dig this song… check it out:

Here is a video on the making of the song

Next we have a 1956 number #1 song.  Why Do Fool Fall in Love? features fourteen year old Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers.  Diana Ross recorded a cover of the song which was released in 1981.


Continuing our old/new rotation, we have And It was U  by the New York based producer/artist who records under the moniker, How to Dress Well.  I’m not very familiar with How to Dress well, but I love the sweet soulfulness of this song.  It’s going to be on the new album, Total Loss which drops one week from today.

And finally, we have Nashville-based singer/songwriter Mat Kearney with a track from his 2007 album Nothing Left to Lose. The song, Breathe In Breathe Out was also featured on the soundtrack to the forgettable 2011 film Beastly and was also featured in an episode of the ABC series Gray’s Anatomy.

Grab the new album from Amanda Palmer for just $5.00 today at Amazon:



Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – Trippin’ Mix

Well here we go… it’s been a week since we had a Morning Music Shuffle – late summer cold/whatever… but we are back and got to shuffle up a brand new playlist of songs:

Let’s get to it!

First up, we have the opening number from the first new album in 25 years from seminal North Carolina band The Db’s.  Falling Off the Sky also marks the first album in 30 years featuring the band’s original line-up.  That Time Is Gone shows that the band has not lost a step.  Check it out:


Next up, we have In My Mind by Dresden Dolls singer, pianist Amanda Palmer along with The Grand Theft Orchestra. The song is available on a Noisetrade Sampler for the forthcoming Theatre is Evil due September 11.

And finally, this month I front loaded the monthly playlist with some great tracks from our Featured Artists of the Month – and one came up today.  Survival Guide is the b-side to the 8th Level single from Sad Baby Wolf – a band from New Mexico featuring former members of The Shins.