Featured Friday Music Shuffle – Insider Parades

Blah… Morning Music shuffle is back after a brief interlude due to a bit of the mid-summer blahs. 

And, it’s time for our Featured Friday edition – week 2 for August, as we delve into some music from our Featured Artists of the Month.  We have a plethora of great music, so let’s get to it.

First up, we have a pleasant little serial killer? folksy-ballad from Loners Society. It’s called Jersey Devil, and I’m digging the sound of this one.  Just give a listen, but if you are someone who needs a frame of reference, Blitzen Trapper is the band that first came to my mind when I heard this song.  But, whatever, it’s a nifty song…  Jersey Devil is the b-side to the Pinstripes 7″ which you can grab right here:

Here’s the video of the A-side, “Pinstripes”

Next up, we shift gears and come up with a searing, soaring rock instrumental from the band, Traverse the Skies.  Grey Knight has a larger than life feel to it, and it made a great accompaniment to a cloudy walk up the hill.  



 I hope you are buckled in, because our wild ride takes up down to New Mexico, and a song by our new friends The Imperial Rooster – DWI Marijuana Blues.   Would it be totally inappropriate for me to say that this song could be dedicated to Randy Travis?  If it is inappropriate, remember, I said it, not the Roosters!  Anyway, the song is a rollicking, amped up foot-stomper of a song, and like everything I’ve heard from The Imperial Rooster, it’s a helluva good time.  It’s another fine track from their Decent People album.

Next up we have the hit single from The Danbury Lie’s self-titled album, Morbid Becoming. Robert from The Danbury lie is a long-time friend of EttG favorite Don Ryan.  Musically speaking, that set my expectations pretty high, and I have to say The Danbury Lie live up to those expectations.  Morbid Becoming, as the title implies, has a bit of a dark, backwoodsy feel to it. In an inexplicable way, it also brings to my mind the old band, The Balancing Act. If you are not familiar with The Balance Act – google them.  The Danbury Lie are not exactly like The Balancing Act, but sonically, vocally… something reminds me of them, and that is definitely not a bad thing.  

And finally, we close today’s Featured Friday shuffle with a song from Pony Boy. We presented Saints and Liars by Pony Boy before, but this gorgeous example of West Coast bluesy, Rock is worth hearing again.  


TODAY (8/10/2012) ONLY – AMAZON has the 40th Anniversary Edition of L.A. Woman by The Doors for $2.99.

Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – Cement Mixer Mix

“Music hath charms, they say, but in some people’s hands it becomes a savage beast.” – Joe Jackson
Over 30 songs were added to the mix last night which brings our February final tally to over 100.  We shuffled up all those February adds and this is what came out.
We begin our musical journey in Bristol, UK with the Indie, Shoegaze, Noisepop band The Fauns who were once a Band of the Week here at Ear to the Ground.  Today, we have the Mastermind Mix of the song Cool Stuff. The lush original version can be found on the band’s self-titled album:
 <——The Fauns by The Fauns get your #shoegaze on at Amazon.com

Tim Horn Prayer are an Indie/Folk/Punk/Bluegrass band from Denver, Colorado. Crime Scene Cleanup Team is a rollicking, dark little number from the band’s 2010 album Get Busy Dying.

<——-Get Busy Dying by Tim Horn Prayer at Amazon.com

Justin and the Salty Dogs come from Chicago and their Yodel heavy song Postman Blues is next up on today’s shuffle:

  http://cache.reverbnation.com/widgets/swf/40/pro_widget.swf?id=artist_1375028&posted_by=&skin_id=PWAS1005&background_color=EEEEEE&border_color=000000&auto_play=false&shuffle=false&song_ids=7569830<——Use the ReverbNation widget to check out Postman Blues

Finally, we have Long Beach via San Diego band Delta Spirit singing about the French Quarter of New Orleans in a song from the band’s 2006 EP, I Think I Found It.

ComScore <—Pre-order the Self-Titled Album by Delta Spirit at Amazon.com due March 12.

Affiliated Links:

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Cloudragon Electro Shoegaze 1 Cloudragon Electro Shoegaze 1
Cloudragon Electro Shoegaze 1

French Quarter Walking Tour of New Orleans French Quarter Walking Tour of New Orleans
Stroll along the Mississippi, through the French Market, Jackson Square and down the sidewalks of quaint streets. Let a ‘local expert’ unravel the mysteries of America’s oldest and most unique living neighborhood!

Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – To and Fro Mix

I added some new music last night – I’m having some technical difficulties, but whatever…
 A very cool mix this morning so sit right down and let me tell you all about it…
First up is a track from the latest twitter discovery… It’s Big Mosey who hail from Brooklyn, New York. Head over to their site for a free download of today’s featured song, Harold Called in the Morning, and keep your ear to the ground for more from these guys.
Check out the band’s EP – Homeward at Daybreak which you can get for a song* at Amazon by clicking on the album cover below:

*a song in this case equals just under $4.00

 Next up is another fine track from the amazing Bang Bang Boogaloo: Beyond Beyond is Beyond compilation. This comes to us from a band called Conspiracy of Owls  a Detroit band – the song we have is one the band’s 2010 self-titled album, and is called The Lesson.

Click on the kinda scary picture below to go to Amazon and get your own copy of Conspiracy of Owls for under $9.00.

Next the first of two tracks without vocals… from our current Band of the Week – From the Outside comes this propulsive number called Don’t Look Back which is off of the brand new The Sound of Motion album which you can get for name your own price using the widget below (via Bandcamp)

 http://bandcamp.com/EmbeddedPlayer/v=2/album=1597362578/size=tall2/bgcol=FFFFFF/linkcol=4285BB/ Next comes a track by Jonti who comes from Sydney, Australia and is on the Stones Throw label in the U.S. – he’s just come out with a collection called Sine & Moon (The Album) which includes today’s track, Nagoya Train Station 3AM. Click on the album title to grab a free download of  the album.

If you like what you hear, click on the album cover below to get Jonti’s October release Twirligig for just under $9.00.

 And finally, we’ve let too many days go by without a track from MAKAR 😉  So, here goes one we’ve featured before, but it’s a good one… called In the Know from Funeral Genius.

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Orquestra Sinfonica e Coro do Estado de São Paulo: São Paulo Samba Orquestra Sinfonica e Coro do Estado de São Paulo: São Paulo Samba
Orquestra Sinfonica e Coro do Estado de São Paulo: São Paulo Samba