Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – Hide Like a Child Mix

Old favorites, classic artists, and some first time appearances make this an excellent Tuesday shuffle –


“Living the Dream” by Warren Pash from Plastic Rulers

Warren Pash lives in East Nashville, he co-wrote the Hall and Oates song Private Eyes, and he makes some pretty cool music himself.  Tip o’ the hat to Too Much Country who contributed this song to this months Feel Bad for You mixtape.  Plastic Rulers was released in 2008.

“King of Kings” by Tomas Doncker from Power of the Trinity

Another great track off of the amazing Power of the Trinity album from New York City’s Tomas Doncker and his band.  As you may recall, we’ve been spinning this album as well as his latest Howlin’ Wolf project in heavy rotation.

“The Longest Bridge in the World” by Dean Wareham from Emancipated Hearts

Dean Wareham was in Galaxie 500.  This song came to me from my friend’s annual mix CDs.  Coincidentally, I drove over a bridge while listening to this song. Full disclosure, however, the Woodland Street Bridge is by no stretch of any imagination, the longest bridge in the world… it is a bridge though… so there’s that.  Cool song.

“No Questions Asked” by Mr. Kind from Wide Awake (Open Hands) single

Some brand new music from E2TG favorites and Creed aficionados, Mr. Kind featuring Brian Bergeron who was one of our earliest “Bands of the Week” – back when we had Bands of the Week.

“Awful Sound (On Eurydice)” by Arcade Fire from Reflektor

Some upstarts from Canada off their little heard 2013 album.  Another from my friend’s mix CDs.

“Shoot Out the Lights” by Richard Thompson from Acoustic Classics

Ah yes!  The original version recorded by Thompson and his then wife Linda is one of my favorite songs off of one of my favorite albums.  RT just released a new album featuring acoustic versions of many of his classic songs.   This was the first release – issued a free download a week or so ago.

“The Murder Industry” by Don Ryan from Live in Studio

!function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);js.id=id;js.src=”//platform.twitter.com/widgets.js”;fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document,”script”,”twitter-wjs”); And why not end things up with a song by a long-time Ear to the Ground friend and favorite.  New Jersey’s favorite black sleep son…  Don Ryan and the Blank Canvas Movement.  A nice was to close out the shuffle…


Let’s Go Shopping….



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Friday Morning Music Shuffle – Last Hurrah? Mix

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Well, it’s Friday again, and we’ve reached what will likely be the final Morning Shuffle of 2012.  As I mentioned yesterday, I loaded up my new memory card with a random sampling of my digital music collection.  I left some space for all of the great new music to come in 2013.  

UPDATE on Band of the Year Voting:  As of the time I am writing this post, we’ve had in the neighborhood of 1750 votes.  Brooklyn based The Disappointment are holding a 5% point leave over Skeletons in the Piano who are from Upstate New York.  Currently, New York band The Great American Novel are running third.  You’ve got a couple more days to vote. Voting will end just before Midnight (Central Time) on Sunday December 30.  Also, we need about 200 more votes to surpass our total vote count for last years inaugural Band of the Year poll.  So keep the votes coming.  Here is where to vote:  CLICK HERE

Now for the shuffle which is pretty mind-blowingly eclectic and includes some songs I probably heard for the first time today.  After the JUMP!

 Amazingly all but one of the songs were available on the widget and the one that wasn’t was a cover and we got the original on there.

1.  Clap Your Hands by The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band from The Wages (2010).  (Rural Indiana Blues) I noticed that four Facebook friends Liked this band’s page including two friends from my hometown, a Carnie (of Black Jake and the Carnies) and a member of The Imperial Rooster.

2. Walk On by G. Love from The Hangout Music Fest 2012 Sampler – from G. Love’s 2011 album Fixin’ to Die (Hold the Special Sauce) 

3. Virtue and Wine by Sondre Lerche from Faces Down (2002) (A Goodwill Store find and a damn good album)

4.  Saturday’s Child by Steve Almaas from Trailer Songs (2012) (Ex. Suicide Commando/Beat Rodeo: songs recorded in two airstream trailers in the Catskills – I’ve been a huge fan of Steve Almaas for years. This is a great record which we told you about right after it came out).
5.  She Floated Away by Husker Du (umlauts omitted ’cause I’m too lazy to add them) from Warehouse: Songs and Stories (1987) (The sixth and final album from the post-punk legends – completing a Minneapolis themed set of two songs – this is a Grant Hart penned song)
6.  Dinner by Blood Orange from the Dinner Btw Bad Girls single (2011) (Dev Hynes aka Lightspeed Champion aka Blood Orange – well crafted electronic based R&B music)

7.  Black Leaf by The Cave Singers from No Witch (2011) (Seattle based Indie music featuring former members of Pretty Girls Make Graves – this was one I downloaded and subsequently lost track of – I kind of dig this).

8.  Black Picket Fences by Walking for Pennies from Forget About Wonderland (2012) (awesome Mo-Grass music from one of the bands in our Band of the Year poll)
 (Couldn’t find a video for Black Picket Fences so how about a Radiohead cover?)
9.  Wave Goodbye by Ty Segall Band from CMJ Mixtape – June 2012 – from Ty Segall Band’s Slaughterhouse (2012) (awesome garage punk music from San Francisco with rat-a-tat-tat drums and hard guitars – coolness)
10. Wake Up (Live in NYC 9/23/10) (Arcade Fire cover) by John Legend and the Roots from a download only release (2010) (Cool and funky cover of the Funeral single – The Roots are by far the best house band on television).

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Thursday Morning Music Shuffle – Defying Deification Mix

April 5th, and I’ve reached the last day of my work week.  It’s likely that there will not be a music shuffle tomorrow, but I’ve got a lot of ground to cover – Coming soon:  Band of the Month Poll for March, Band of the Week for the first week of April, plus tons of work on a project which I hope to be able to announce soon.
To the shuffle:  
My parents were both born in Louisiana, and I have a fair amount (about 3/4) of cajun blood running through my veins.  When I hear the chank-a-chank of the accordian and fiddle, I can’t help but tap my toes.
Steve Riley & the Mamou Playboys – Danser san comprendre/Dancing Without Understanding from their 2011 album Grand Isle. One of the best contemporary practitioners  of Cajun music, Grand Isle pushes this traditional regional folk music into the 20th Century with some elements of modern rock without losing the essence of what they are all about.  Danser san Comprendre/Dancing without Understanding is en excellent introduction to this band.
A video of Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys
Although my mother was born in the heart of Cajun country, my dad was actually born in Metarie – part of the New Orleans Metropolitan Area. I feel a connection to the Crescent City which belies the limited time I’ve actually spend there. 
Dear New Orleans is a live benefit album for Sweet Home New Orleans and the Gulf Restoration Network.  It features a wide range of artists – everyone from My Morning Jacket to the Flobots to Steve Earle. Our track today, is a cover of a Neil Young penned CSN&Y song Ohio performed by R.E.M. bassist, Mike Mills accompanied by the New Orleans trombone band, Bonerama.
Next, we have another cover.  Remember when Thursday’s were all about covers here at Ear to the Ground?  Apparently, my shuffle button does… 
Ane Brun was born in Norway, but currently lives in Sweden. She is a singer songwriter who has been actively making music since 1998.  She recently dropped a fine cover Arcade Fire’s Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels) (spelled Neighbourhood on my download) from the 2004 album Funeral.

Affiliated Links:

Best of Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys Best of Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys
Matching a respect for the tradition with a forward-looking vision, these guys have set the standard for modern Cajun music. Three new ones join La Pointe Aux Pins; Katherine; La Toussaint; La Danse de Mardi Gras; Allons Danser; King Zydeco; The Corner Po